The Hills Finale: Kristin & Justin Bobby Give It a Go

The Hills Finale: Kristin & Justin Bobby Give It a Go
courtesy MTV

12/02/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

All good things must come to an end, including Kristin Cavallari's first season of The Hills. While some loose ends were tied up and KC packed her Malibu beach house, the gang delivered a few cliffhangers to ponder until they return. --Carrie Bell

Summer Loving: Despite finding it "hard not to like him" after having a blast with Justin Bobby in Vegas, Kristin ran from commitment, saying she didn't want to get hurt. In the soul-searching sit-downs with Stacie, the lady doth protest too much and even Stacie thought she was making a mistake by passing up the guy who rode to Vegas to be with her. Justin Bobby appeared sincere when he made his case and offered her a place to stay. "There's a lot of in this world and to find somebody that is compatible with you, for you and by you ... I have that feeling for you," he said. "I'm here. I haven't flaked anymore. I went to Vegas. You need to figure it out." But she stood firm on not wanting a serious boyfriend and he bolted.

Pier Pressure: Meanwhile, Audrina asked Justin Bobby to meet one last time because during their last public fight she was "stunned, overwhelmed and couldn't get anything out." This time, she wanted to speak her peace (while looking really hot). On the Malibu pier, she redundantly called him "selfish" and "self-centered" and explained that she didn't feel they could be friends. He belittled her for being "young" about it, but came as close to saying sorry as he could: "I never meant to hurt you. You're the one that said get out of my life. Maybe you're not the one." The talk did send him back to KC's doorstep. "I can't let this go," he said. "Audrina told me I'm going to end up a lonely old man if I don't go after what I believe in. I believe in this." Kristin caved but set conditions: "If we give this a shot, we have to give 100 percent. No lying." But he was still cagey when she asked if he was her boyfriend.

Baby Talk: Spencer continued his passive-aggressive strategy of innuendo, witty barbs and leading questions instead of just asking Heidi if she was pregnant. While playing with Enzo, the duo demostrated yet another reason why they should wait to have kids. Spencer started a fight with Heidi in front of Enzo and they both actively involved the moppet in it. Eventually, he came right out and asked her if she was pregnant. She admitted she was hoping to be but wasn't, and had resorted to shadiness after he claimed he never wanted a child. He reminded her that he used to be against marriage too and gave up some ground: "When we're both ready, we'll have a baby."

Power of Suggestion: At Sleazy T's engagement party, Jayde's "wrong place, wrong time" streak continued when she applied pressure on her on-again boyfriend Brody by suggesting during dinner that they move in together. When Brody warned Jayde that they'd just gotten back together, she accused, "You're afraid of commitment. You were the jerk and I've forgiven you. You should be happy I'm even talking to you about this." All she accomplished was regression. He later informed his boys that it opened his eyes, that he was ready to dump her for good and that he may still have feelings for Kristin.

Tell us: Will Kristin and Justin Bobby last? Will Brody dump Jayde again? Will Spencer and Heidi really have kids one day? What will happen on a new season of The Hills?courtesy MTV

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