Monday’s Dancing: What You Didn’t See

Monday’s Dancing: What You Didn’t See
Adam Larkey/ABC

11/17/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

Improv Act: Kelly Osbourne was pretty in pink Monday night as she sashayed on the dance floor for her first performance of the night. But things weren't as they appeared. "In case you didn't know, my 20-second solo was completely made up," she says of her rumba. "I got out there and froze." Her partner Louis van Amstel had complete faith in her as he watched on. "I was standing behind her and thinking, 'Keep your cool. Keep your cool,'" he tells PEOPLE. The judges didn't detect her new routine -- the couple scored all 8s.

Making an Impression: As if there wasn't enough pressure for the final four couples in the semi-finals, famed choreographer Kenny Ortega sat ringside watching the performances. "Donny Osmond is an inspiration and an incredible role model and I can't believe how hard he's working," he said. But it was Osbourne's performances that had him smiling each time she kicked up her heels. "Kelly blew me away tonight. It's wonderful to watch them all grow in the arms of their partners," he said. "I jumped out of my seat like a jack-in-the-box after her quickstep." After the show, Osbourne said Ortega's comments nearly moved her to tears: "He said when I dance, he can see my heart on the dance floor and that's what a real dancer is."

Energizer Bunny: For the first time in the history of the show, the dancers performed three dances in a single night. Joanna Krupa says she did her best to stay consistent throughout the two-hour show. "I just wondered if I could keep the stamina because we already did it at rehearsals and then dress rehearsals, so we did the dances nine times!" she says. "I'm trying to take my vitamins and eat extra just to keep my energy up."

Arms of Steel: Mya's dry-erase board is filled with rules that she uses to keep herself and her dance partner Dmitry Chaplin focused on their goal. One of them was the dreaded push-up rule. "I had to do five push-ups per mistake," she says. Mya couldn't remember how many she did as she prepared for three dances, but it was enough to make her strive for perfection. "I was really sore and I got two massages this week," she says. Chaplin says it's going to be harder if they make it to next week's finals. "If we get to next week," he tells PEOPLE, "it'll be 15 push-ups."

Full House: There were plenty of celebrities in attendance, showing their support for the semi-finalists. Some of them included DWTS alumni Marie Osmond, Lisa Rinna and Melissa Joan Hart. Others included Sharon Osbourne, Robin Antin -- creator of The Pussycat Dolls -- and actor Rick Yune, who will appear in the movie Ninja Assassin on Thanksgiving Day. Throughout the performance, he called Joanna's Viennese waltz "beautiful" and Mya's perfect salsa "incredible," but said he was rooting for Osbourne. "I was really taken by Kelly," he said. "She was endearing, captivating and a real princess." --Elaine AradillasAdam Larkey/ABC

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