Meet the Castaways of Survivor: Samoa

08/27/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

CBS has revealed the names of the 20 castaways competing on Survivor: Samoa, the 19th installment of the series, which premieres Thursday, Sept. 17 (8 p.m. EST).

In a twist, competing tribes will be asked to immediately pick (in silence!) a chief, someone to make all the decisions for the group, according to a press release from the network.

"Surrounded by coconut palms in a land steeped in tradition, the Samoans who inhabit this island have a proud history and strong sense of community that has enabled their own survival," the release says. "From the start of the game, Survivor embraces this Samoan culture by incorporating an ancient tradition of electing an individual leader of the village."

Watch the clip to meet the castaways of Survivor: Samoa and keep reading for their stats.

In alphabetical order ...

David BallAge: 38 Hometown: Los Angeles Occupation: fitness instructor

Besty BolanAge: 48 Hometown: Campton, N.H. Occupation: police officer

Mike Borassi Age: 62 Hometown: Marina del Rey, Calif. Occupation: private chef

Ben BrowningAge: 28 Hometown: Los Angeles Occupation: mixologist

Marisa CalihanAge: 26 Hometown: Cincinnati Occupation: student

Erik Cardona Age: 28 Hometown: Ontario, Calif. Occupation: bartender

Brett Clouser Age: 23 Hometown: Los Angeles via Salem, Ore. Occupation: T-shirt designer

John FincherAge: 25 Hometown: Los Angeles Occupation: rocket scientist

Yasmin GilesAge: 33 Hometown: Los Angeles via Detroit Occupation: hairstylist

Russell HantzAge: 36 Hometown: Dayton, Texas Occupation: oil company owner

Elizabeth KimAge: 33 Hometown: New York City Occupation: urban planner

Laura MorettAge: 39 Hometown: Salem, Ore. Occupation: office manager

Monica PadillaAge: 25 Hometown: San Diego Occupation: law student

Jaison RobinsonAge: 28 Hometown: Chicago Occupation: law student

Kelly SharbaughAge: 25 Hometown: Los Angeles via Wilmington, Del. Occupation: hairstylist

Russell SwanAge: 42 Hometown: Glenside, Pa. Occupation: attorney

Ashley TrainerAge:22 Hometown: Maple Grove, Minn. Occupation: spa sales

Mick TrimmingAge:33 Hometown: Los Angeles via Boise, Idaho Occupation: doctor

Shannon WatersAge: 45 Hometown: Renton, Wash. Occupation: sales rep

Natalie WhiteAge: 26 Hometown: Van Buren, Ark.Occupation: pharmaceutical sales

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