Real Housewives of Atlanta: Lost Footage & Season 2 Predictions

07/24/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

To tease season 2, which premieres July 30, Bravo opened up the vault to show unseen footage of The Real Housewives of Atlanta -- a.k.a. the one with the Georgia peaches. Behold, the five juiciest bites, and what they might mean for what's next. -- Suzanne Zuckerman

• Every season, Housewives zeroes in on one controversy magnet, whose relationship woes, parenting skills or alleged criminality sets tempers ablaze. (See New York CIty's Kelly Bensimon and New Jersey's Danielle Staub.) Last season, Kim was that housewife. The highlights? Her firing up a Newport, then insisting, "I really want my kids to have morals and values and be honest, and I think I've really done a great job." And later, "I better get the mother of the year award for going to the aquarium." What awards will Kim win in the new season? A singing one perhaps? And was she successful at kicking cigarettes?

• Do they give Emmys for eye rolls? Every time Kim spoke, former pal Nene thrust her irises heavenward with such gusto, it looked like she was auditioning for Halle Berry's role as Storm in X Men. In season 2, is anyone expecting Nene to tone it down?

• Speaking of ... After Nene performed her infamous made-up song about Kim while bombed in the back of a limo -- sample lyrics: "I say I'm 29, but I'm really 89” -- no Housewife's hands were clean in the battle that ensued. Lisa told Sheree about the ditty, who couldn't tell Kim fast enough. And all hell broke loose over margaritas, where Sheree deliciously declared, "I pray for Nene. I'm like, 'God, take away that envy.'" How will these ladies' alliances align when the show returns? Will Sheree's prayers be answered?

• After we witnessed the delivery of baubles and Blahniks by the truckload, and were informed that Kim gets to "pick out what I like, send back what I don't, and Big Papa foots the bill,” she revealed, "This is the first time I'm truly in love with someone for all the right reasons." Cue Nene's eyeroll -- and Big Papa's exit. How will Kim survive now that she's on her own?

• Wig-yanking is the new table-flipping! "Close your legs to married men. Close your legs to that lady's husband. Trash. Hooker!" When Nene blasted Kim with these unforgettable insults, it set a new standard for Housewives cat-fighting -- until New Jersey's legendary table-flip, that is. Can the upcoming Kim vs. Sheree smackdown -- a literal street fight teased in a season 2 promo in which Sheree grabs hold of Kim's wig -- possibly top it?

Tell us: Will you be watching the second season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? What are your predictions for Kim, Nene, Sheree, Lisa and new girl Kandi?Wilford Harewood/Bravo

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