America’s Got Talent: Do You Have Love for Heavy Vee?

07/22/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Sometimes you lose the battle, but win the war. That's just what happened to college student Heavy Vee (real name: Vanessa Asbury) on Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent. Although she was not victorious in the audition round -- and was sent packing -- she was one of the night's more entertaining performers. And that's what the competition is ultimately about, right?

The judges did not give her much benefit of the doubt. While numerous lesser-qualified acts have been allowed to finish out their sets, Heavy Vee was buzzed by all three judges in the middle of her performance. The fourth judge, the audience, wasn't any nicer, really -- some were chanting for her to leave the stage.

While Piers Morgan criticized her lack of movement, saying her dance was constrained to merely three inches, Heavy Vee told the crowd she came to "inspire" . "I put in work," she said.

Quick reminder: The worst thing to say after a sloppy performance is that a lot of work was involved.

Sharon Osbourne told her not to give up. Heavy Vee has high-energy, charisma, a sense of humor and what she called "courage, self-confidence, faith, and belief in myself" going for her, as well as her outfit: a black tutu accessorized with a multi-colored scarf, socks, black-rimmed glasses, red jacket, and an up do.

But going against her was lack of cohesion and polish. Her song, Kelis's "Milkshake," didn't much help the seriousness of her act, and she introduced herself to Nick Cannon by saying, "You already know."

The host emerged from offstage to dance with her and give her a loving slap on the butt, saving Heavy Vee from an awkward situation and giving the crowd a chance to laugh after some tense competition. -- Nicholas White

Tell us: Who was your favorite act of the night? Did the judges make the right decision with Heavy Vee?

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