Big Brother: Jeff’s ‘Bittersweet’ POV Victory

07/22/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

There have been two truths in the Big Brother house so far. First, Lydia loves to cry. Second, Ronnie is a rat -- and not one of the cute Disney rats that can cook or sew.

Rats like to stay hidden and it was readily apparent to the whole house that Ronnie was playing the BB game to the hilt. But Ronnie was lucky, because when he should be getting fitted for a target on his back, Russell, who had just delivered a speech about not alienating , proceeded to alienate just about everyone in the house with a tirade directed at an already emotional Lydia that will go down in history as his "If I had a puppy, I would bite his head off" speech.

And with that, Ronnie's backdoor dealings became less of a concern than the loose cannon that Russel had become. Suddenly, everyone was gunning for the "Love Muscle," and even Russell knew he was going to be targeted -- it was just a question of by whom.

The POV competition revealed a reinvigorated Jeff, whose mantra had become, "It's me against the house." But even if he decided there would be no more Mr. Nice Guy, there was still a nice guy standing there. That aside, Jeff became a change-counting genius in the POV Big Brother Mint competition.

With Jeff in charge of the POV, the opportunity was ripe for the backdoor-ing (and thank you BB for that new verb) of the out-of-control Russell.

The house had a common enemy and just when all the ducks were in a row, the rat re-emerged. Instead of placing Russell up for eviction to replace Jeff, he chose none other than Jordan. With one hand he sealed a deal with Laura and the rest of the house to put up Russell, and with the other, he picked the one person that Laura could never beat, Jeff's burgeoning showmance partner Jordan.

At the start of the episode Laura, who had her eye on Ronnie, told Jordan, "It sucks, because I almost think I'm the only one smart enough to beat him." It's looking like Laura fell just short of besting the Rat. -- Reagan Alexander

Tell us: Did Ronnie play his hand to fast? Can the outgoing HOH shake the target on his back? Was Russell's outburst part of his strategy?

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