‘Darth Ronnie’ Begins His Reign on Big Brother

07/20/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

For the time being, it's good to be Ronnie.

The tap-dancing gamer and newly-crowned HOH did Star Wars fans proud as he manipulated each of the cliques into evicting surfer Braden from the Big Brother house last week. But in all honesty, it wasn't that much of a challenge, as the beach-comber knocked himself out of contention by challenging Lydia and Kevin in a showdown that will forever live in BB infamy.

All the while proclaiming a desire to spend his HOH day's exercising his mind AND his body, Ronnie (at this point, can we not call him a weasel?), rang in his HOH reign by working the muscles that involve throwing fellow housemates under the BB bus. Having turned on one side of the house and made pacts with pretty much each clique, Ronnie was dead-set on one goal: "I'm going to throw Michele under the bus," the self-proclaimed geek gloated, "and blame her for that vote."

That vote?

There is no doubt that Ronnie, even before he was crowned HOH, was playing the game to the hilt. Sadly enough, the only other person in the BB house that seems to be catching on to his double-dealing ways is Laura. And when you spot someone's lies in the BB house, more often then not you end up being targeted. As HOH, Ronnie had to put up two housemates for eviction and it was hardly a surprise when he ended up putting up Jeff and Laura.

Excitable as he may be, the self-described "gamer" has game.

Tell us: Who will be evicted next? Who are you rooting for?

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