Jon & Kate Plus Eight: The Couple Share a Family Meal — But Not the Interview Chair

Jon & Kate Plus Eight: The Couple Share a Family Meal — But Not the Interview Chair
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06/09/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

The 100th episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight aired on TLC Monday night and opened with Kate alone in the interview chair.

"At this point, whoever lands in the interview chair does the interview it looks like," she said. "Don't ask any questions. It's just called rolling with life."

Soon after, celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse rolled into the Gosselins' Wernersville, Pa., home to cook a meal with the family and sit around the table and eat with them.

On the menu: huge amounts of green bean casserole, granola and chili macaroni.

The couple, who addressed their marriage troubles in the season 5 premiere, worked together to make the food, although Kate teased Jon for not knowing his way around the kitchen.

"Do you know where the oven is?" she asked him.

While the kids snapped the green beans, Jon's assignment was to peel garlic. "I don't cook," Jon said, "but apparently I am good in the food prep area."

Meanwhile, it wasn't exactly easy for Kate to let Emeril take over her kitchen.

"That's Kate's territory," Jon explained. "And he went into her territory, which is funny because he took control and pushed her out of the way and did his thing."

At one point, Kate even playfully smacked Emeril with a plastic cooking utensil, delivering his catchphrase, "Bam!"

"I did slap Emeril," Kate said in an interview. "Then I went, 'Oh, sorry!'"

Emeril congratulated the family on their 100th episode, but said, "I don't know how you made it."

"I don't either," Jon joked, before calling the day "special" and "pretty amazing."

In the end, the entire family came together with their guest and enjoyed the meal.

"It was nice," Kate said. "We sat around with him and ate dinner." -- Aaron Parsley

Tell us: What did you think of the 100th episode? How are Jon and Kate doing?

Amy Sussman/WireImage; Victor Spinelli/WireImage

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