So You Think You Can Dance: The Las Vegas Callbacks

06/04/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

With alumni stepping into careers on Dancing with the Stars movies and Broadway, So You Think You Can Dance is without a doubt a launching pad for dancers everywhere. So after thoroughly draining thousands in the dancing talent pools in six U.S. cities, it all came down to four dramatic and grueling days at the show's Las Vegas callbacks. Things got underway after Nigel offered some last minute words of inspiration to the 172 hopefuls who'd made it to Sin City: "Show us your best, do your best and enjoy however long you're here," he said. Translation: This is your chance so don't blow it by going unnoticed!

But in a city where it's usually a good idea to quit while you're ahead, carefree hip-hop sensation Tony Bellissimo, 20, of Buffalo, N.Y., wasn't taking no for an answer. After an imaginative hip-hop solo, appropriately set to "Somebody’s Watching Me," Bellissimo certainly kicked things off right. Later surviving routines in hip hop, ballroom, jazz, and even jump and jive, it would be Mia Michaels's contemporary piece that would serve as the ultimate test for the young dancer, who didn't quite cut it. Rather than asking him for another solo, the judges ordered a do-over. But the second time was the charm for Bellissimo, who lived up to his name, moving on while leaving both Shankman and Michaels in tears after a sufficient performance.

So, after four sleepless days of grueling routines from big gun choreographers such as Michaels, Tabitha and Napoleon, Tyce Diorio and Jean-Marc Généreux, it is now up to the often harsh judges to decide who out of 16 girls and 16 boys will get a spot in the Top 20 and a chance at stardom, in the nail-biting 5th season of So You Think You Can Dance! -- Jed Dreben

Tell us: Who are you rooting for? Who should get cut?

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