Real Housewives of N.Y.: Catfights & Catwalks!

Real Housewives of N.Y.: Catfights & Catwalks!
Giovanni Rufino/Bravo(2)

03/25/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

What could bring the ladies back to the Big Apple from the Hamptons? Fashion Week! And what did Fashion Week bring out of the women? Cat fights!

On Tuesday's episode of The Real Housewives of New York, newcomer Kelly revealed that she writes for the New York Post's Page Six. Meanwhile, Ramona, Jill and Bethenny planned a fundraiser to combat arthritis, an important cause to Jill, because her teenage daughter, Ally, suffers from the disease.

While Kelly and LuAnn tied and zipped each other up in the dressing room at Malo, we learned that Kelly hadn't been called to help plan Jill's fundraiser. So, LuAnn -- the example of etiquette that she is -- invited her friend herself.

At designer Zang Toi's private fashion show, Bethenny joined Jill and showed off her Social Life magazine cover. The twosome quickly laid into Kelly. Jill complained that she doesn't wear bras. Who needs to see her "wandering breasts?" she asked. Bethenny complained that Kelly's trying desperately to be a part of the fabulous New York scene. Don't they all do that?

Back on her turf, Kelly was in Jill Stuart's store doing a fashion-week interview with the designer herself. "I'm not in this business to be snarky. I'm not in this business to be cunning," she said of her role as a trusted journalist. Isn't Page Six the Mecca of snarky and cunning? Odd fit.

Later, when Bethenny descended on the Jill Stuart show, the two were sat next to each other. Bethenny thought Kelly acted as if she didn't know her -- again. And Kelly complained that Bethenny didn't seem to want to give her the time of day. As they made small talk, the tension kept growing, and growing, and growing. It was like watching the tinfoil expand on some steaming-hot Jiffy Pop popcorn.

At a second meeting for the fundraiser, Kelly joined in on the action -- and called Ally's arthritis "cute." Then she objected to listing her name as a co-chair for the event because she doesn't "lend her name to anything."

"Kelly wanted us to all know how busy and important she is," Bethenny said. "Evidently she's Madonna."

"Bethenny has a very serious problem with me," Kelly said. "That's something she needs to work on. I can't babysit her on that."

Well after this episode, a lot of may have a problem with Kelly. -- Mark Dagostino

Tell us: Team Kelly or Team Bethenny?Giovanni Rufino/Bravo(2)

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