Gossip Girl: Blair & Nate Reunite!

Gossip Girl: Blair & Nate Reunite!
KC Bailey/The CW

03/24/2009 AT 12:00 AM EDT

OMG! Are Blair and Nate getting back together?

After her dreams of Yale were crushed, the Upper East Side's Queen B spent Monday's Gossip Girl episode trying to destroy the old Blair. By hanging out with playboy (and Chuck Bass enemy) Carter, Blair seemed to be on a fast track to rehab. From all night partying to stealing designer sunglasses, it was clear that Blair needed some help. Enter Chuck and Serena to try and save her. But even though they gave Carter a one-way ticket out of the Upper East Side, Blair was still set on ruining her life.

And the best place to fall from society is at a society party of course. With Nate’s dad in jail, his mother’s wealthy relatives welcomed Nate back with open arms. With girlfriend Vanessa and pal Dan in tow, Nate introduce the Brooklyn kids to his world. Blair also made her way up to the compound where she knocked back glasses of champagne and tried to get Chuck into bed.

While Nate finally realized he shouldn’t be ashamed of the privilege he was born into, the divide between him and Vanessa grew wider. Then, when he passed up a summer of back packing with her for an internship in the mayor's office, it was clear that he and Vanessa were done. Finally!

Later, Nate found Blair alone and scared and the two reminisced about their former romance and it was obvious there's still a spark between the two. Blair eventually asked Nate to stay over and it didn't look like he was going to go anywhere. It seemed like the two were going to make another go at it, but what about Vanessa and Chuck? -- Andrea DeSimone

Tell us: Do you want Nate and Blair to get back? What will happen to Chuck and Vanessa? Will Chuck continue to fight for Blair?KC Bailey/The CW

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