Desperate Housewives Recap: No Money, Mo’ Problems

Desperate Housewives Recap: No Money, Mo’ Problems

02/16/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

Desperate Housewives proved the old adage, mo money, mo problems true this week. Of course, the other half of the street proved that no money leads to just as many problems.

Bree While eating dinner at Andrew’s new house, Orson discovered that Bree gave Andrew a pretty substantial raise and continuously begged Bree to tell him if Andrew made more than he did. He tried to access her payroll but couldn’t guess the password. He tricked her into giving up her childhood pet’s name by playing the porn name game and figured out that Andrew was being paid twice as much. He was livid. “It’s not about money. It’s about value and you’re saying I’m worthless.” She replied, “No I’m saying you are worth less. You’re a caterer now and you are paid fairly based on your expertise.” When Andrew left his prized Mont Blanc unattended, Orson slipped it into his pocket and got a wicked grin on his face. Edie Edie was trying to convince Dave to go away for the weekend when their debate was interrupted by a buzzing (sounded like a cell on vibrate). Dave acted like he didn’t hear anything, but when she started to walk toward the closet he changed his tune about being too busy. He retrieved his pill-filled briefcase. Inside was the psychiatrist’s phone and there was a new message from the doc's secretary. Her concern was growing and she requested that he get back or she was going to have to admit she didn’t know where he was.

Dave invited Mike and Katherine camping for the weekend. He was very specific about wanting Kath to come along. When he told Edie the plans as if it was Mike’s idea, she had no interest in roughing it. She promised not to tell Kath that she wasn’t going as long as Dave took her to a spa the following weekend. While Dave was packing for the trip, he pulled out his handgun.

Gabrielle Carlos and Gaby were at dinner with his boss when she found out the bonus she’d been waiting for was not happening because of the economy so she ordered 10 lobsters to go for dessert to make herself feel better. When she went to the jeweler to cancel her order, she caught his boss making out with someone who wasn’t his wife. It turns out he’d authorized Carlos’ bonus after all. But Gaby used her new intel to squeeze him for an extra $10,000. His wife came over later and told Gaby she needed some detective work done. Gaby started to commiserate, but stopped herself realizing wifey was just talking about getting help picking out a gift for Brad. Gaby let Carlos in on what she’d seen and he explained that getting a bonus based on what she witnessed was blackmail and suggested they tell her the truth. Gaby threw his earlier words back at him to get her way to keep the money and not squeal. The couple then showed up with news that they were expecting and asked Carlos and Gabby to be the godparents and the Catholic guilt really started to kick in.

Lynette Lynette and Tom’s pizzeria was empty and Tom tried to lure in by having his staff act like customers having a blast. Lynette suggested they sell the place now before they lose everything but Tom refused. His next crazy plan was to fire everyone and put his kids to work on the weekends and after school. Their first night was a disaster (Penny lost a Band-Aid, one kid shortchanged on purpose), but in typical Tom fashion he thought it was running smoothly. The twins, embarrassed, tried to bow out when a group of kids from their school came in. Tom lost it and threw Porter against the wall. “This is my life. I have put everything I have into this,” he screamed. He scared himself and finally admitted they needed to sell the place.

Susan MJ got sick on his first day of private school but Susan couldn’t miss her first day on the job so she asked Mike to babysit. A plumbing emergency called him away and he left Katherine in charge. MJ had a good time with her, which obviously made Susan jealous. She told Mike she didn’t want Kath watching him anymore because she gave him partial custody so MJ could “spend time with his father” and threatened to take him back to court to have the judge “explain the difference between you and your girlfriend.” MJ caught them fighting and Susan used him as a manipulation tool which seemed slightly out of character. Mike got called away on another emergency and Kath stepped in again. Susan was outraged and could barely contain her sarcasm when she collected MJ. Kath confronted her about being mad when she was doing them a favor. “I don’t need you to do me any favors. What I need is for everyone to stick to the plan. Mike watches his son and doesn’t pawn him off on his girlfriend,” she hissed. Spoiled by Kath’s cooking skills, MJ wanted a panini for lunch and he snuck over to Kath’s house while Susan was showering. He told Kath that his mom knew where he was, but Susan ran over freaking out that he’d gone missing. Susan accused her of trying to be “the other mommy” and being devious. “You are trying to get your hooks deeper into Mike by showing him how much his son loves you.” She then forbade him from being at her house which Kath informed her would be tricky seeing as Mike was moving in with her next month. --Carrie Bell

Tell us: Was Susan out of line with Katherine? Do you think Dave might be after her and not Mike? Should Gaby tell the boss’ wife about the affair or mind her own business?

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