Grey’s Recap: The Old Gang Is Back

Grey’s Recap: The Old Gang Is Back
Eric McCandless/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC

02/13/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

The much buzzed about Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover finally arrived after months of anticipation and it was worth the wait if you watched both hours. Addison’s return with her sick sibling was interesting, but the developments in the Hunt-Yang situation were much more so.

Help A Brother Out: Addison and best friend Naomi arrived at Seattle Grace with her brother Archer, who found out he has worms in his brain last week, in the hopes that Derek could pull off a miracle. The future looked grim as his first cyst turned into eight and Der declared it inoperable. Addison told him she needed him to be God for a day so he kept looking at the scans until he came up with a risky experimental surgical option for Archer.Things went well until the last cyst ruptured, the worm got loose and Archer started to crash. Der persisted and got the lost parasite out of his head. A Walk Down Memory Lane: The visiting docs brought up a lot of unfinished business--and old between old friends from the Addison/Derek years, especially after Naomi’s ex Sam (once Der’s best friend) showed up. Much of the walk down memory lane got paraded around Meredith, like the fact that Der wrote Addison a wedding song. Meanwhile Addison started to put two and two together when she caught Sloane talking to Lexie, who was sticking to her no public-no passion ultimatum. To throw her off the scent, McSteamy dropped the bomb that Der planned to propose to Mer. Addison took the news better than expected. When Der joined her at Joe’s and their friends started singing their song, both Addison and him had a moment of pause.

Game Changers: Izzie was acting crazy again making a game out of glitter and construction paper to get the interns excited about medicine again. It was a bit of a medical scavenger hunt. Lexie came in first, earning a sucker and the right to scrub in with McDreamy. Alex noticed a few spatial issues with Izzie during the game and tried to confront her about it. She denied that anything was wrong, but we got the feeling it's related to her unknown illness.

Quit While She's Ahead George noticed Sadie struggling with basics during the race and he offered his tutoring services. She balked at his accusations and stormed away. Realizing that she could hurt patients, he told her to talk to the Chief or he would. She quit, preferring to be known as a quitter instead of a cheater. She basically admitted to Mer that she cheated her way into the program thinking that Mer could help her through. She tried to get Mer to go back to Europe with her. When she refused, Sadie accused her of having the life sucked out of her. “I have to work. I just don’t want to sleep my way through Europe anymore. I want to be here,” Mer explained.

The Ex Files: Yang’s colorectal cancer patient just happened to be the father of Hunt’s ex-fiance (the woman he saw in the hall last episode). He apparently broke off the engagement in a two-line e-mail and every time he tried to talk to Yang about it, she avoided him. The daughter returned and had a huggy, tearful reunion with him, which he pulled away from. Yang found out that the fiance and Hunt’s mother were unaware that he was back from Iraq. She confronted Hunt about how she deserved more than an e-mail breakup and how he returned a different, harder man.

Hunt eventually cornered Yangand pulled her into the on-call room. He confessed that he couldn’t face his mother because she would know that “the son she sent to war is gone. She would look at me the same way Beth does now, like I’m not there. The only time I don’t feel like a ghost when you look at me because you see me."

The Other Woman: Der kept putting off his panicky pregnant aneurysm patient in order to work on Archer. He was going to do her surgery the next day until she convinced him to do it that night before he had exploded with worry. When he was teasing Lexie about being so enthusiastic about her prize, there was a complication and lots of blood. It seemed to resolve itself, but after Der left for the bar, the patient started to crash.

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Tell Us: Did Hunt give a good enough reason for not notifying his ex and his mother that he was home to keep Yang interested? Are you sad or glad to see Sadie go? Do you think it was fair of Naomi to get on Derek's case when Addison was the one who cheated on him?

Eric McCandless/ABC; Ron Tom/ABC

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