Private Practice: McSteamy & Addison Still Got McChemistry!

02/13/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

The second installment of a three-part Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice crossover was just what fans have been waiting for. Addison (Kate Walsh) was finally back at Seattle Grace reuniting with old colleagues, friends and an ex-husband while Archer's post-op CT scans revealed possibly more cysts and Sam wanted to prove to Bailey and everyone else that he is over Naomi.

During the Grey's Anatomy hour, McSteamy (Patrick Dempsey) pulled off Archer's almost impossible surgery. But Archer had a hard time accepting the fact that Dr. Shepherd did indeed save his life. He was complaining about shaky hands, headaches and blurred vision. He was sure Derek had missed something and asked Addison to have a CT done. Derek, however, refused to get Archer a CT because he said Archer's "vision's probably impaired because he cant see past his own ego." Archer couldn't stand the fact that a neurosurgeon saved the life of a respected neurologist. Nevertheless, the Chief (James Pickens Jr.) ordered Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to get those scans.

Meanwhile, Addison was consulting on a case for Der, who operated on a pregnant woman that was now having a hard time breathing. And after Derek performed the miracle that Addy wanted for her brother, it was time for her to repay Der by helping him save the life of his patient's baby. The chemistry between the two is definitely still there. Even as they were bickering about Addison not being liked by Derek's mother, it was as if Addison had never left Grey's. Too bad there wasn't more Addison in the second hour. A Der, Mer, and Addy triangle would have been interesting, especially with Addy finding out about Der's intentions to propose to Mer with his mother's ring. Just saying.

The interaction between Bailey and Sam was another great combination of the Grey's/PP mash-up. After Sam breaks down due to his asthma, Bailey is in charge of finding out the exact cause. More importantly, Bailey wanted to know how a woman goes from a guy like Sam to Archer Montgomery. Really, what does Naomi see in Archer? Everyone assumes that Sam's breakdown is the result of him watching his ex-wife tend to another man, a man who used to be his close friend. But Sam reassures everyone that his asthma attacks are physiological, not emotional and he was right.

Back at Archer's room, the CT results revealed white spots in his brain, which he assumed were more cysts. He was so certain he was going to die that he started confessing to things he should have kept to himself. Derek explained that it's common for certain areas to be filled with fluid, but a CT scan in a month will no longer show those spots. So it looks like Archer is going to be more than just fine -- "he's going to be an ass like he's always been." -- Alondra HernandezTell us: What did you think of the crossover? Do you want Addison back at Seattle Grace?Michael Becker/FOX(2)

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