Private Practice Recap: The Race to Save Archie

02/06/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

After much anticipation of a Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover, Shondaland didn’t really deliver, at least not in the first part of the crossover event.

First, the story line had to be set up: Addie’s brother Archie, a neurologist, thinks he has a cancerous tumor in his brain that is inoperable. He’s seen every doctor in New York and has had multiple opinions, but the situation seems hopeless. After promising not to say anything about his condition, Naomi blabbed to Addison anyway. Addison’s first instinct was to get a hold of Archer’s CT scans from NY and find a solution to save her brother. “I’m a sister, I’m a doctor, and there’s always something we can do,” she said.

Did anyone else notice that Addison managed to get her hands on those CT scans via IM? That would be LOL… unless real docs transfer confidential info that way. Anyway, after Archer underwent another round of CT scans, it turned out he didn’t have a tumor after all. What the man had were parasites growing in his brain, which he probably picked up from his book junket in Zihuatanejo. So who else had a hard time believing where this was going the minute Addison started IMing? None of those amazing doctors and second and third opinions that Archer got in New York could determine he had parasites growing in his head? Archer now had two choices, either have a complicated and dangerous surgery to remove the parasites or take medication to kill the parasites but risk having those worm sacks burst in his brain if the medication doesn’t work fast enough. Addison wanted to call her ex Derek to perform the surgery while Archie preferred taking the medication. Addison had no choice but to respect her brother’s wishes… that is, until he has another seizure in Addison’s backyard and had to be induced into coma to stop the seizures from causing permanent neurological damage and bursting those worm sacks.

With Naomi’s blessing, Addison dialed Derek and said those three magical words, “I need you.” Within minutes, Archer was on his way to Seattle Grace with both Addison and Naomi along for the ride.

Meanwhile, Violet finally told Pete and Sheldon that she’s pregnant. Pete was pissed that Violet didn’t say anything sooner and poor Sheldon didn’t know what he was feeling. And after having her first ultrasound, Violet decided to keep the baby. But the question still remained: Who’s the baby daddy?

Tell us: Are you excited for next week's big Grey’s/Private Practice crossover? Do you think Archie will survive the surgery? And with Addison back in town, will Der ever get around to proposing to Mer?

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