Grey’s Recap: A Night of Almost Maybes

02/06/2009 AT 12:00 AM EST

Grey’s Anatomy was a series of almosts last night. We almost find out what’s wrong with Izzie. McDreamy almost proposes and McSteamy almost tells him about his tryst. Bailey almost loses her nerve in the operating room. Yang and Hunt almost get to the next level and Callie almost has a new love interest .

Fellowship of the Ring: Basically everyone had seen the ring except the person it was intended for. Derek kept trying to find the right moment to propose, knowing that Meredith spooks easily at words like “commitment” and “forever.” When she offhandedly mentioned that their kids would be cuter than the one their patients were having, he figured she unknowingly gave him the green light and started soliciting opinions on how to do it. (Yang warned she’d hate a grand gesture. The Chief felt it sets the tone for the marriage so you have to go big.) Mer kept catching Der in said conversations and got suspicious. “Maybe he doesn’t want my babies because my babies will have Alzheimer’s, suicidal tendencies and split ends.” She questioned him and he reconfirmed that he still wants to have her babies before heading home to spruce up their room with candles and flowers. Unfortunately, a badly timed call from his ex Addison ended the moment before it could happen and he cleaned up and cleared out. He missed a rogue petal under a pillow which sent Mer’s mind racing. Playing Doctor with Herself: Izzie was unsuccessfully trying to test herself and self-diagnose when she had the genius brainstorm to trick the interns into doing it for her under the guise of teaching them in the clinic. Sadie discovered Izzie was anemic and Izzie seemingly wrote off the health scare and focused on fun with Alex instead.

McGuilty: Lexi was bursting at the seams to tell about her and McSteamy’s blossoming relationship. She tried confiding in Callie, but the singleton reminded her that alone don’t like hearing about together . “It’s sorta mean like bringing a six pack to an AA meeting.” But it was Callie who tried to convince Mark to "let yourself be happy before you find yourself alone and celibate.” Lexi eventually gave her secret lover an ultimatum: Come clean to her sister and Der or stop seeing each other (watch the clip). He started to tell his bestie, but Der just laughed it off as uncharacteristic. Lexi found Callie at the bar later crying in her beer. But it was Arizona that wound up comforting her in the ladies room with the promise that will be lining up to get with her when she is done being sad and gave her a kiss to prove it.

Destiny Decided: After taking time off to recover from her last traumatic case, the Chief told Bailey he was recommending her for a promotion to attending as soon as her residency ended in July when she came back from her personal time. She was thrilled until she was assigned to work with Dixon on another sick kid. The irony is that the very cases that are freaking her out are also the ones she is great at. Former nemesis Arizona had to talk her off a ledge when Bailey didn’t want to scrub in on the girl’s surgery for fear that they’d lose her. Her worst fears came true when they discovered she needed a heart transplant and she bolted. She returned with an idea for a medicine-delivering backpack, which excited the parents so much that they started screaming and hugged Dixon spurring a panic attack. Dixon needed Bailey and Yang to hug her and apply pressure for an extended amount of time to soothe her. Dixon, in her socially awkward point-blank style, told Bailey she had all the makings of a great pediatric surgeon and Arizona agreed.

Flirting with Disaster?: Hunt and Yang have entered the innocent flirting stage, which coincided with her reading of Mer’s mom’s journal about the beginning of her affair with the Chief. There was a great scene where they walked next to each other almost holding hands and exchanging furtive glances to the sounds of romantic chamber music. It was like a scene out of some Merchant Ivory period piece. Unfortunately, the chase was cut short when Hunt saw a woman from his past in the hallway and freaked out. Yang applied the technique she’d learned earlier from Dixon and wound up cuddling with him after he past out. – Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Hunt really saw the woman or is his past haunting him too? Should Mark and Lexi end things? Which proposal style suits Mer the best?

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