Audrina Says She Never Called Lauren a ‘Slut’

Audrina Says She Never Called Lauren a ‘Slut’
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12/02/2008 AT 12:00 AM EST

Audrina Patridge apologized to Lauren Conrad on The Hills Monday for not trusting her friend after hearing rumors she betrayed her by hooking up with Audrina's ex Justin Bobby. During the tearful meeting at Bond Street in L.A., Audrina told Lauren, "I feel like an idiot that I didn't trust you. ... I'm sorry on my end for what I've caused you and what you went through."

But things are not that simple. In a new blog post, Patridge explains more about what she calls her "confrontation with Lauren" and defends herself against the accusation that she called Conrad "a slut" and spread rumors about her.

"I just want to put it on record that never did I EVER call Lauren a 'slut,' 'bad friend,' 'shady person,' etc," Patridge writes in the post. "I simply asked her a question and that's how she interpreted it. I didn't go around town running my mouth either."

She did, however, talk to Lauren's enemy Heidi Montag and now explains why.

"I confided in Heidi because she knows how Lauren works and when Lauren hung up on me and was acting like a child, I obviously thought the worst," she says. "Bottom line, Justin and Lauren treating me like I wasn't worthy of an explanation was almost worse than the rumor itself, and it only got worse the harder I tried to get a genuine answer."

Hoping to put the issue to rest, Patridge writes: "I am very glad this whole thing is over and this blog will be the last time I address the issue."

But before signing off, Patridge has something to get off her chest about Justin Bobby.

"His inexcusable behavior has become somewhat expected at this point," Patridge writes. "And I just want to say that if I were looking for a serious relationship, I would definitely be looking elsewhere!" -- Brian OrloffMichael Caulfield/WireImage

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