The Hills Recap: Aud ; Justin’s Cabo Cool-Off

10/21/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

This week’s episode of The Hills definitely didn’t disappoint in the drama department. Things got sticky south of the border between Audrina and Justin-Bobby during Brody’s birthday fiesta. And things weren’t any less heated back in la-la land with the constantly squabbling Pratt siblings going on a double date.

Com-Plane-T Department: The gang had barely taken off in the private jet when tension started to fill the air. Frankie asked Aud why she wasn’t talking to Justin-Bobby, as the poor man’s Skeet Ulrich floated artily in the background of the shot looking miffed. She responded shortly, “We’re not together. He’s planning on hooking up with other girls. Wonder if Frankie ever gets tired of being the planted liaison between the sexes? When they arrived at the gorgeous beachside Mexican Villa, Aud realized she was slated to share a bedroom with JB. That's when LC immediately offered her shelter in her single. Water Babies: Aud (who managed to keep her top on this time) and LC played in the waves while the boys floated in the pool and interrogated Frankie about what was said on the plane. Frankie was peer pressured into sharing: “She’s dating someone. She says he treats her right and you don’t.” JB was noticeably peeved as he did the symbolic hand-washing gesture and Brody just stirred the pot. Doug concluded that “All girls are shady,” which is rich coming from the guy that just a few weeks ago was hooking up with one of his ex’s friends. Almost as rich as JB being irked at Aud for moving on when he consistently screws up and bails on their relationship.

During dinner, Justin found out that Corey had given Aud her floral hair band and confronted her about bunking with LC. “I figured you’d want your own room,” Aud said without looking up from her camera. “You’re the one who didn’t want to be exclusive.” JB showed his true colors, looking at Doug and mouthing, “I’m free! Hall pass!” After a sweet toast from Frankie, Doug announced he had a surprise for the birthday boy. His sheepish grin gave it away. LC asked without really needing to, “Did you guys invite sleazies?” (Our new favorite term, btw.) As a horde of hoes and one very random dude paraded in, LC looked at Brody and predicted, “I think you have pretty good odds tonight.”

The debauchery began immediately on the sand and in the swimming pool with piggyback wrestling, splashing, cannonballs, kissing, and non-stop drinking. Of course, there was even a set of twins. JB seemed to need reassuring (for about a second) that he should join in the fun. He reasoned: “If there is a weekend to have a hall pass and find out your girl’s got a boy, this is probably it, right? With no remorse? I didn’t start it.”

LC and Aud separated themselves from the pack, with LC advising Aud once again that she should make a clean break from JB. But she didn’t sever ties. Instead, she let JB get a hold of her hair clip, with which he then he taunted her. “Tell your boy I said, ‘Hi,’” he said. She splashed him until she was so annoyed that she flipped him off and retreated from the party.”

Cabo Wabo Wah-Tina: He was still wearing the flower the next morning and still trying to push her buttons although it really did seem like he was jealous and hurt. When she reminded him that he was the one who threatened to use a hall pass, he snapped back: “You can’t say anything to me. You left me for another boy.” She pleaded, “You’re at a spot in your life where you don’t want to be exclusive. I really like him. He wants to be with me. End of story. Whenever you’re ready to grow up… ” LC and Aud had one more heart to heart on the balcony and she seemed tired of wasting her breath with Aud The Doormat. “Think about what makes you happy and that’s what you need to do. You need to not talk to Justin anymore. If you want a boyfriend, you can’t look to Justin cuz he’s not going to give that to you. It’s time to let him go. Justin doesn’t have a hold over you.” But like the battered wife who believes her husband when he says that it won’t happen again, she admitted she still loves him and clips lead you to believe there’s gonna be a reunion--again--next week.

Double Date Disaster: The She-Pratt and Heidi shopped at the Napoleon Perdis store in Hollywood and got her up to date on her new boyfriend and the weird place she left things with Lauren after the Doug debacle. Heidi suggested the four of them get together that evening to get acquainted and if you’d only seen Steph’s facial reaction, you’d have thought Heidi asked her to get hot pokers stuck in her eyes. Heidi probed, “Are you scared? What’s the worst-case scenario that could happen at dinner?” Did she even have to ask? Hasn’t this story played out enough times before?

Dinner at Pane E Vino started off on the wrong foot as Steph and Cameron showed up 40 minutes late. Spencer grumbled, “Unacceptable. She’s probably in the tanning salon.” Heidi, in coming to Steph's defense, said the unintentionally funny, “Actually, I think she’s just misting now.” Flash to Steph prepping her beau that she and her bro “don’t get along that great” as they walked into the lion’s den. “Did you forget we decided to meet at 9 not 9:40?” Spencer asked as they sat. “Once I get some food in my system, I’ll get a little nicer.” It was a promise he did not make good on. First, he reveled in kicking Holly out and called her “the biggest moocher on the planet.” Heidi looked remorseful. “She’s crashing on someone else’s couch now.”

Spencer then launched into his anti-Brody routine and Heidi egged it on mentioning that Brody made Steph cry. Cameron admitted to having met Brody years ago but that he hadn’t seen him lately. He then moved on to the subject of Doug and dropped details about Steph trying “to date Lauren’s ex” and “dinners with candlelight.” Needless to say, Cameron looked uncomfortable throughout the night.

Morning After Pill: Steph ambushed Spencer during his workout at the 4th Street stairs to talk about his bad attitude the night before and ask why he brought up Doug, who now has Cameron worried. Spencer was still riled up over their tardiness. “You should be appreciative that A) I talked to you, B) I went to dinner with you and your new boyfriend, and C) I paid for dinner,” he said. “The only reason I was giving him a hard time is that he’s chilling with Brody.” Uh, did we miss something? The dude said he hadn’t see Brody in years. Steph requested that he be nicer to her and he offered to trade peace for loyalty to her family before running back up the hill. --Carrie Bell

Tell us: Do you think Justin was to blame for the mess in Mexico? Should Aud forgive him again or give Corey a shot? Is Heidi rude for enabling Spencer’s bad behavior toward his sister? What are the odds that Cameron and Steph can survive Spencer’s wrath?

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