The Amazing Race: Rivalries Heat Up

The Amazing Race: Rivalries Heat Up
Robert Voets/CBS

10/20/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Smooth flying hit turbulence on Sunday's episode of The Amazing Race. Tempers frayed, fatigue tested team bonds and accusations were bandied about. It was a case of "us vs. them" -- and bare feet vs. kiwi fruit. Narrowed to seven, the increasingly competitive teams are nipping at each other's heels. Nick and Starr took flak, Ken and Tina battled a fear of heights and Marisa and Brooke said goodbye. A 6,900-mile plane trip from South America to New Zealand started the night. Bruises, tears and sweat covered the Racers by journey's end. Let's relive the fiercest rivalries. -- Nicholas White

Ken and Tina vs. the World: Can anyone stop this scrappy separated couple? They combine exuberance, intelligence and pushiness to finish in first place three out of four weeks. Who could have predicted such domination? Tina yells at Ken to move quickly -- "COME ON, KEN!" -- while other teams cower. Their physicality bowls over. Tina, who had a fear of heights, and Ken scaled the Auckland Sky Tower -- the Southern hemisphere's highest point -- a feat so impressive it surely left viewers dizzy on the couch at home. Fearless, Ken snatched the Travelocity gnome and hauled it down.

Kelly & Christy vs. Nick & Starr: Are Kelly and Christy itching for camera time? Because their prolonged hatred for Nick and Starr feels bitter. Christy continues to rant about her sports bra. We also learn that she "confronted" Starr between episodes. Sadly, the cameras didn't capture that incident. But "things are even worse," Starr says with a sarcastic smile. Kelly and Christy maintain friendship with other teams, but are determined to spar with Nick and Starr.

Andrew vs. Dan: Who would have thought the Superbad fraternity brothers duo would turn on each other? Dan is hogging the spotlight, Andrew (the quieter of the pair) says, though we hadn't noticed. They don't argue much on camera. Smells like a manufactured controversy. Their relationship has reached a "turning point," Andrew says. Whatever, dude.

Ty vs. Aja vs. a Flat Tire: While Ty floats atop the stresses, Aja unfolds at the edges. Ty points out her "mood changes," which never helps things. When confronted with a flat tire, Aja panics, but she flags down a car to help them. They're struggling to keep the team together and limp into seventh place with mangled feet from the kiwi rocks and exhausted from assembling a windjammer.

Marisa & Brooke vs. The Amazing Race: Southern belles Marisa and Brooke were cut from the Race Sunday, holding true to the "blonde team never wins" unofficial rule. They aced juicing the kiwis, but moved too slow compared to more aggressive teams like Ken and Tina and Terrence and Sarah. The lovable ladies even had trouble finding the Gordian knot at the marina. Thank y'all for playing and better luck next time.

Terrence vs. His Emotions: The 30-something whiner Terrence is actually whining less. When trying to find a matching face-paint pattern on a dancing, screaming Maori warrior's face, he does the task with the calm and resolve. But he's the same lovable and sensitive guy when he asks Sarah to touch his hair for emotional support. Who knows, Terrence may even be calling the shots by season's end!

Tell us: Could you climb the Auckland Sky Tower? Were you sad to see Marisa and Brooke go?Robert Voets/CBS

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