Top Model Recap: The Recap Episode’s Top 10 Moments

Top Model Recap: The Recap Episode’s Top 10 Moments
Michael Desmond/The CW

10/16/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

You thought the debates were scandalous? Wednesday night's ANTM rewind made presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama look like kitty cats. (Imagine if Tyra moderated!) With an hour of favorite moments and never-before-seen clips, we looked back at the beauties, bodies, brains, back-stabbers, bathtubs -- and blossoming love? -- of cycle 11.

10 of the Top moments:

• The season took off at the Top Model Institute of Technology, where the fresh faces tried to mimic Tyra's expressions. Uh oh. There's go-go girl Sheena, as she "ODs" on her posing, Hannah's moose-chase reenactment, and Marjorie's awkward eccentricities. Oh, and everyone learned about Isis, the sweet, self-sufficient transgendered contestant who is unapologetic about her uniqueness.

• The models get their mansion on! As they enter their new dream digs, a bedless Sam has to "build her nest" on the floor. This was the first sign of her happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Who couldn't love her?

• The one-on-ones with the judges get personal and we're exposed to the brains and the blahs in the crowd. Sharaun's over-confidence is uncouth, and the superstar wannabe waves goodbye.

• Never-before-seen argument alert: In the car ride home, Sheena and Elina go at it over animal rights. Elina, a self-proclaimed "activist," can't cope with Sheena's outspoken "circle of life" philosophy, or as Elina likes to call it, "a lot of nothing."

McKey is an avid McJock and is everyone is a little McAnnoyed. Her wacky and obsessive workout routine rubs some the wrong way, but she solves the problem by cooking for her hungry housemates.

• The makeover episode gets melodramatic when Sheena looses a clump of hair and Elina's new locks make her look like a lap cat. Then, in another previously unseen moment, the girls ask Tyra candid questions, which we probably could have guessed: How do you smile with your eyes? What's an ugly pretty face? But the best line of show is (obviously) from Tyra herself, who remembers the heartbreaking moment she was told to lose 15 pounds. "My mother said, 'Screw that. Lets order pizza!'"

• Hannah defines her Alaskan pixie dust as something that "protects her from mean girls" and getting her "feelings hurt." But not from elimination!

• Elina's arrogance is unattractive as she tells the camera that "Isis looks like a possessed hyena." But soon we learn that Elina has vulnerabilities too. After openly crushing on Clark, Elina cries when she's sent home, calling her "my girlfriend."

• The contestants also comment on Marjorie and Analeigh (pictured) constant intertwining. Some say they're "weirdly close." The edgy beauties bathe together, hug, kiss and cuddle. Could it be love?

• At last week's awards show-themed shoot, Lauren Brie gets the boot for being stiff and uninspired as she fell on the stairs.

Just seven contestants remain and clearly, anything is possible. -- Alyssa Shelasky

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