Grey‘s Recap: Seattle Grace Suffers a Flood of Emotions

Grey‘s Recap: Seattle Grace Suffers a Flood of Emotions

10/10/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Along with an actual flood at Seattle Grace came a figurative flood of emotions as Deredith tried to figure out what's next for them, the chief laid down new ground rules, Erica and Callie butted heads, Sloan saw Lexi in a new light (sort of) and Izzie continued to fight quietly with Alex.

End Treatment Feeling fixed, Meredith quit therapy against her shrink's recommendation. Yang felt castrated by her friend's request that she just support her in this time of need, so she went to see the shrink behind Mer's back. "You can't let her quit because I am no longer allowed to have an opinion because I'm being supportive," she pleaded. "You're my last hope. He doesn't get her. It's not going to work out in the long run."

The shrink then confronted Mer in the elevator: "Feeling horrible and knowing you're not going to die from those feelings is the point. You are making progress but you're not done." Will Mer go back to her treatment?

Room Disservice Izzie returned from the shower to find Derek measuring her bedroom. When she asked why, he said he was thinking about making that room his office when she moved out. "When am I moving out?" Izzie asked. Der's response: "Soon?" She ran to Alex's room to spread the news and walked in on him in bed with someone, who offered her a chance to join them.

Later, Alex, Izzie and Der followed Mer down the hall, trying to get to the bottom of the situation. Mer asked Der, "Why do they have to move out?" He complained about it being like a "frat house with Alex's parade of women. I like them, but that was your life. This is our life and I am excited about building our life together."

Izzie asked Alex and Yang to move in with her. Alex said he'd rather live in his car (although he later made eyes at Izzie while waxing positive and sentimental with a scared patient) and Yang put a deposit down with Callie. But it turned out okay because Izzie and Alex got to stay -- for now. Yang admitted she only told Der that the others should move out to get him to shut up. Mer told Der that she wouldn't ask them to leave yet, that they were her family and that he wasn't allowed to ambush or assume things anymore or try to manipulate Yang to his side.

New Rules The chief jump-started his new plan to raise the hospital's ranking with a meeting to explain new rules, which he immediately implemented, rotating docs off the cases they would normally work with. Rules included: First second and third year residents will no longer be allowed to de facto specialize. Personal relationships, loyalties and favorites will no longer be a factor in training. "Attendings will spread your wealth of knowledge equally among all of the residents; Refocus our attention on bedside manner and patient communication," he said. "For some, this means learning the lost art of humanity and compassion (flash to Alex). For others, this means learning how to treat patients without becoming emotionally involved (spotlight on Izzie). Residents, your interns reflect on you. Attendings, that goes for residents as well."

But the chief's zealous desire to make rank clouded his better judgment when a burst pipe wreaked havoc on the surgical floor. Bailey warned the chief about the flood, using a story about how her kid flushed an action figure down the toilet, which lead to a poop water-filled kitchen. Stubborn, he refused to transfer patients to other hospitals until the ceiling came down on a patient mid-surgery. The good news was that the team, because of the sky falling, had to check a patient's abdomen more closely and found pancreatic cancer (much earlier than in most cases) and were able to remove the usually fatal disease completely.

Lexipedia Saves the Day A man who has been living with severe head pain for seven years came to the hospital for a lobotomy after hundreds of tests and docs could not determine what was wrong. Lexi thought she might know what was wrong based on some reading she had done to help George study for his test. Yang ignored her idea, so she went to Sloan to enlist his help. It turns out Lexi solved the mystery and helped the man avoid major cranial surgery. Alex nicknamed her and her photographic memory, "Lexipedia." Sloan tried to reward her by letting her scrub in, but she declined as she had already promised George she would take on his duties in order for him to finally finish the resident exam. Sloan went back to thinking she was pathetic, but later at the bar, he seemed to be impressed by her memory. Perhaps the seeds for a new romance are being planted?

Girl Talk Meanwhile, Sloan relentlessly teased Erica about her foray into lesbianism with Callie. Erica was angry that Callie told him everything, saying that she likes to be private. But Callie defended it, explaining that Sloan was her friend and friends talk. Callie explained that she needed a confidant. "I get that you're a private person," she told Erica. "I process my stuff out loud and I gave up too much of myself in my marriage and I can't give up pieces of myself again." Erica then half-jested, "I think I just hate it because he's seen you naked." -- Carrie Bell

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