Project Runway Recap: Suede Hits a Bum Note

Project Runway Recap: Suede Hits a Bum Note
Jay Sullivan/Bravo

09/25/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Week in and week out, Suede would boast that he was going to "rock it" before hitting the runway with his creations. Last night, the designer learned that irony can be cruel indeed.

Not only did the mohawk-ed designer not rock anything, he was actually auf'd for creating a very un-rock 'n' roll look in a challenge that was entirely inspired by music. (Cue your mini violin!)

And let’s take a moment to think of Stella, who would have actually rocked things had she been around this week.

Like last week, where the designers had to makeover coeds, this week the top five set about giving each other makeovers. Asked to create a garment for a fellow designer based on an assigned genre of music, the remaining contestants amped things up and started sketching. As for the assignments: - Jerell designed a pop outfit for Kenley. - Kenley designed a hip-hop outfit for Leanne. - Leanne designed a country outfit for Korto. - Korto designed a punk outfit for Suede. - Suede designed a rock 'n' roll outfit for Jerell.

Jerell seemed destined to yank Kenley out of the 1950s, forcing the demure designer to show a little skin in a look he deemed appropriate for a "Kenley Spears." Jerell's successful look fused a mesh top with a super-short cropped blue jacket. The garment screamed pop diva, and even Kenley didn't seem to mind that she was a little more exposed than usual.

Also on display: Her sour attitude. As many of you have commented here, Kenley has been especially sassy with Tim Gunn and the judges lately -- and this week she showed no signs of mellowing. Whether she was arguing with Tim in the workroom, or calling Leanne a "big fat poser" for not channeling Mary J. Blige on the runway while wearing her supposedly hip-hop concoction, the designer had major attitude to spare. Maybe Leanne's lack on enthusiasm had something to do with Kenley's mishmash creation--high-waisted pants and cropped jacket--that was, as guest judge LL Cool J pointed out, more junior's department than Lil' Kim.

That’s when things got even more embarrassing. Kenley talked back to LL, insisting her creation was hip-hop. What, was she supposed to dress Leanne is something oversized and baggy, the outraged designer cried? Also, Kenley, take note: Your fellow designers did not cackle on the runway when you got your dressing-down. (Maybe they were just shell-shocked by you giving LL lip!)

As for Leanne, her country-inspired look wasn't particularly memorable - but it was not offensive. Korto, meanwhile, won the challenge for her goth, punk ensemble that fit Suede quite well. (See, he actually "rocked" Korto's outfit). Michael Kors pointed out its fabulous silhouette, and LL Cool J agreed! Jerell earned second place for his equally well-conceived look.

Now, if judges determined a loser based on 'tude--and how rock 'n' roll would that be?--Kenley would have been auf'd. But they ruled on design, and Suede's boooring outfit--black pants and a vest--was the designer's final performance. Sorry, Suede, no encore for you! -- Brian Orloff

Check back for our exclusive Q&A with Suede.

Tell us: Did Suede deserve to go home? Whose look was your favorite? And are you getting tired of Kenley's attitude every week?

Jay Sullivan/Bravo

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