Audrina Blogs About Her Tear-Filled Confrontation With LC

Audrina Blogs About Her Tear-Filled Confrontation With LC
Courtesy MTV

09/10/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

She's lived through it, but even Audrina Patridge is talking about all the drama on The Hills!

"Last night's episode of The Hills was intense," the reality star wrote in her latest blog entry Tuesday, reacting to the show and her teary heart-to-heart with Lauren Conrad.

"I'm so glad Lauren and I had that talk," she writes."I've definitely learned not to let things build up and not to avoid certain scenarios. That was one of our first little confrontations. I believe they only make your friendship stronger in the long run."

Patridge also thanks pal Justin-Bobby for his council … for coaching her through everything.

"He stays away from the drama and is usually pretty blunt about things," Patridge writes. "He has a good intuition about ."

Read her full blog entry here. Courtesy MTV

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