The Hills Recap: Speidi’s Roommate Drama

09/08/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

With the action-packed special post-VMA episode of The Hills, Las Vegas should consider changing its slogan to "What happens in Vegas makes for great reality TV." And things weren’t any less outrageous back in L.A. as Speidi had to deal with their own roommate drama.

The Jet Set: Lo, Stephanie and LC meet the usual suspects (plus a never-identified mystery girl) at the airport to hop on Doug’s private jet to Vegas for Frankie’s birthday (the third ill-fated birthday bash of the season for those counting). The flight was a bumpy one--and not because of turbulence. First, there was the growing tension between Audrina and the rest of the flock, then Brody proposed a seemingly disingenuous toast to the She-Pratt: “Yo Steph. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m not going to hold a grudge. Having little Steph here is almost as good as having Spencer here. So cheers.”

Girl Talk: At the hotel, LC called dibs on her own bed. (Too bad, so sad, Lo!). Eventually, Lo switched gears to discuss Brody’s awkward airplane toast. LC didn’t think it was appropriate that he called Steph out in front of everyone. “What I don’t understand is why is he talking crap about me to you," Stephanie said. "He knows I’m a good person and then he goes behind my back and says don’t trust me.” LC’s response? “All you can do is show him that he’s wrong.” Then, they took the discussion to the boys’ room, where LC filled them in on the latest conflict with Audrina, which shall henceforth be known as the Goa club snub. LC recounted: “It was me and Lo and a couple of our friends and then Audrina and her friends at the table. She didn’t say hello to me. I literally had to yell her name like four times. And she was like, motions a silent hand wave. It was so awkward and silly and I was like, ‘Can I talk to you for like one second?’ And she just goes, ‘I’m here with my friends.”

Meanwhile, up in their room, Audrina was recalling her side of the Goa club snub to Justin Bobby (a version that made her seem less guilty) and feared that the night would be weird because she and LC were “growing apart. There’s been tension ever since we moved in. We’re going in different directions. That happens. It doesn’t mean we still can’t be friends. I don’t think it’s going to go back to how it was.”

She'll Cry at His Party: Cut to Cut, the steakhouse where the rest of the group was chowing down and cheering Frankie’s birthday. Stephanie picked the precisely wrong moment to confront the already irked Brody about his distrust of her. She said, “I really don’t think you should tell Lauren not to be friends with me.” It escalated to Brody calling Steph “a complete psycho.” Doug tried to intervene and keep the peace, but Brody had reached the point of no return. He said: “It’s like, leave. I’m here celebrating a birthday with my best friend and you want to talk about why I said something else to one of my other friends. I’m going to tell that to Lauren because I care about Lauren. She’s a good friend of mine. I said, ‘Be careful. She’s crazy. I’ve known her for a long time.’ I’ve tried to be cordial and be nice but that’s it.’ Brody's verbal assault drove Steph to tears.

LC took her teary friend upstairs for another heart-to-heart. “He sounds like my brother yelling at me,” Steph moped. LC gave her a pep talk: “Be the bigger person. Don’t ever cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you. You made some mistakes and went down a really bad path. But you got help and you got better and you are a much better person today. I’m sorry. This is partially my fault because I told you what he said. Don’t cry. It makes me sad and then I cry and I have to re-do this (points to her eye makeup) and I’ve got the blue going on.”

Punch, Drunk, No Love: Audrina and Justin Bobby entered the mix and everyone, who was getting progressively drunker, started exchanging opinions and platitudes about the Audrina/LC situation. It became like a bad game of telephone with Brody talking to Justin, Frankie talking to Audrina and yet another weird cold exchange between Lo and Audrina in the loud LAX club. Frankie, ever the voice of reason, suggested: “Why don’t you talk about it before getting mad at each other? It’s not okay for you girls to not be okay.” Okay, Frankie.

When LC rejoined the group, Frankie relayed his conversation with Audrina, but asked them not to talk that night because he didn’t “want no beef on his birthday.” There were plenty of accusatory stares back and forth until Audrina fled to a quiet room to get advice from Justin Bobby. JB then came to her rescue by making the decision to leave, tell her: “We came, we saw, we conquered. Now let’s get out.” Maybe he really has grown up a little.

In the end, the party broke up when Frankie came knocking at LC's hotel door to break some more bad news: “I haven’t been able to sleep. I got a text from Brody at 9 a.m. that he’s in jail. Doug got punched. They’re both in jail.”

Dropping the H-Bomb: Meanwhile back in L.A., Heidi came home to the perpetually jobless Spencer, who was playing video games, and a snide set of comments. But when Heidi broke the news that her sister Holly was moving West and would be staying with them, he dropped the guns and snapped to attention.

The very unhappy camper started to mention finding tampons but Heidi cut him off, promising Holly would have her own room and wouldn’t get in their way. Spencer threatened, “This is the quickest way to get me to move out. I just know what it’s going to do to our relationship. Watch.” We can only imagine whose face he was picturing when he returned to his virtual killing spree.

It wasn't before long before Spencer rolled up on Heidi’s work and called her to come down to bitch about you-know-who. (People who don’t know have real jobs obviously don’t know that it’s not polite to just show up unannounced at someone’s place of employ at the drop of a hat.) Heidi was pissed, but still met him in the car and listened as he complained that Holly had erased three of his shows from the TiVo. Heidi looked stunned. “You did not just call me down here because of the TiVo. I do not have time for this.”

Her fianc persisted that this act of TiVo terrorism was kind of a big deal: “What would you do if you were me and you walk up in the morning, do your average thing, walk out to go work out and your sister’s half-naked on the rowing machine erasing my TiVo rowing her little ass off? She is so damn cozy you couldn’t pay her to move out.” (Watch the clip.)

Heidi reminded him that it’s temporary and made him promise that he wouldn’t say anything. She also seemed to be suggesting that he find a different hobby other than hating Holly. “I have things to do. Just get out of the house or something. Maybe you shouldn’t be there so much.” --Carrie Bell

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