Project Runway Recap: Welcome to the ‘Jungle’

Project Runway Recap: Welcome to the ‘Jungle’
Barbara Nitke/NBC; Jay Sullivan/NBC(2)

08/14/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Wednesday's Project Runway was fierce enough to do season 4 champ Christian Siriano proud. And we're not talking about the fashion. Attitudes were flying -- and everybody was catching it.

This was partly because contestants worked in teams for the first time this season, which meant clashes were inevitable. It's also because -- with four designers eliminated already -- the competition is truly heating up and are showing their true colors. And not just with fabric from Mood.

Asked to design for a high-powered, fashionable female client -- namely Brooke Shields (not Hillary Clinton, sorry Blayne!) -- the designers pitched their look to the Lipstick Jungle star who then selected her favorites. The winners -- Korto, Jerell, Kelli, Terri, Blayne and Keith -- then picked team members from the remaining contestants and got to work producing garments and drama.

But before reveling in the sass, let's reflect on the night's most tender moment: How sweet was Jerell for making Stella feel so valuable even though she was picked last? He knew her love of leather would be an asset, and the team ended up crafting one of the night's strongest looks.

Now the drama:

• Terri and Suede seemed like the perfect match until they realized their working techniques radically differ. When Suede fretted over creating the shirt, Terri put him in his place. "I don't know if he's packing balls or a vajayjay, but he needs to work that out," she told the camera. (He did, and the two were safe!)

• Korto had immunity but her partner, Joe, was concerned about their dress and jacket combo. Did he say something? Not until Tim Gunn came around said the outfit resembled a big sweet potato. Korto didn't take offense; she just called Joe out for not speaking up.

• On the runway, Kelli and Daniel were clearly the judges' least favorite for their feral-looking skirt, jacket and bustier mash-up that unfortunately combined black and teal fabrics, leopard print and lace. Digest that for a minute. While Daniel waxed on and on about his "high-end taste," his workroom BFF Kenley actually burst into laughter on the runway. Michael Kors called the outfit "slutty, slutty, slutty!" And Nina Garcia, true to form, could barely hide her contempt for the overall lack of taste.

Kelli, as team leader, was sent home, upset but unapologetic about her vision. Keith and Kenley won the challenge, impressing guest judge Brooke Shields with their ruffled brown skirt and a colorful print top. The look earned them the ultimate prize: Her character, Wendy Healy, will wear it on an episode of Lipstick Jungle. -- Brian Orloff

Check back tomorrow for PEOPLE's exit interview with Kelli.

Tell us: Did Kelli deserved to go home? Is Daniel the high-end designer he says he is? Who was the sassiest and who was just plain mean?Barbara Nitke/NBC;Jay Sullivan/NBC(2)

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