Tim Gunn: Runway Fans Are Going to Get Mad

Tim Gunn: Runway Fans Are Going to Get Mad
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

07/15/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Project Runway fans, Tim Gunn has a message for you about the show's new season: Get ready to yell at your TV.

"It's a real roller coaster," says Gunn of Bravo's fifth installment of the design competition, which premieres Wednesday (9 p.m. ET). "Fans are going to get mad -- early! There are some big surprises: Favorites won't be there anymore, and I can only imagine how the blogs are going to explode over some of the challenge winners. We say that each season has a different DNA and boy, is that true." -- Rennie Dyball

Gunn gave PEOPLE a sneak peek of each contestant. Get to know them:

Blayne, 23:"The designers love him. His work is like his personality -- exuberant. Blayne is hard to miss."

Daniel, 25:"He's intense -- not the workroom jokester ... I called him 'the sweater.' As in perspiration."

Korto, 33 (pictured right):"Still waters run deep: She seems so quiet and reserved, almost reclusive. She's not. Korto is going to tantalize with her work."

Emily, 27:"Emily is effervescent, very likable and a positive presence in the workroom. She's a sweetheart but she's serious about what she does."

Jennifer, 27:"She's very thoughtful, smart and she is driven by literature and classic films rather than the pop culture scene."

Jerell, 28:"He's very generous of spirit. And by that I mean he was frequently one of the first to finish and he would help other designers. And he's wonderfully funny."

Jerry, 32:"Jerry possesses an enormous amount of self-confidence. You can take that any way you want!"

Joe, 41:"He's our one straight guy! He's a guy's guy and therefore he has a place on the show that's very unique. Joe is also a family man and talks about what his daughters would wear.

Keith, 26:"Keith is all about innovation and experimentation. But you would never pick him out of a group as being a fashion designer -- you look at him and see high school football jock."

Kelli, 27:"She's our rock and roller and she embraces that role. Kelli is a little ball of fire."

Kenley, 25:"Kenley is our season five Project Runway Bettie Page. And she's true to that role, let me tell you!"

Leanne, 27:"She's a conceptual designer. And when the audience gets to know her she's a person I think they're really going to be rooting for."

Stella, 42:"Looks are deceiving with a lot of these designers. If I saw her in a dark alley I'd run -- but she's a sweetheart!"

Suede, 37 (pictured left):"Suede is a good problem-solver. And he's current and contemporary in what he produces compared to, say, a Kenley who's a little more retro."

Terri, 39:"I found her to be another excellent problem-solver. She knew how to make it work!"

Wesley, 23:"His designs are at the higher end of sophistication ... beautiful work but there's not a lot of risk-taking." Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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