Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost Return With New Episodes!

Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost Return With New Episodes!

04/25/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

After NBC debuted their post-writers' strike comedy lineup last Thursday, it was ABC's turn to bring out all new episodes of their top shows--Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and Lost.

The highlights of the night:

Ugly Betty • Echoing Sixteen Candles, Betty's birthday is overlooked by everyone, including her accountant boyfriend Henry. • Renee uses Chocalitinis to ply evil Wilhelmina's assistant Marc (Michael Urie) for information, while he steals her psychiatric drugs in return.

Grey's Anatomy• The residents--Mer, Izzie, Cristina and Alex-- battle it out for bragging rights in a fierce surgical contest. • While Mer still pines for Der and Der is taking it slow with nurse Rose, nurse Rose blurts out to Lexie that she loves McDreamy--er, that was fast!

Lost • A mysterious phone call saying "14-J" sends Locke and Sawyer scurrying for cover, as war breaks out in the way of killer gunmen. • The Smoke Monster is back and it's angry! Seemingly ordered by Ben to avenge the death of his daughter (who got offed by the gunmen), the tunnel of black-and-gray cinders plows down all the bad guys while Ben pays his final respects to his murdered daughter. --Nicholas White

Tell us: Which show had the better return episode? What do you want to see from Lost, Ugly Betty and Grey's for the rest of the TV season?


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