The Real Housewives’ Real-Life Reunion at the Pourhouse

The Real Housewives’ Real-Life Reunion at the Pourhouse

04/23/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

The Russian Tea Room seemed a little too genteel for The Real Housewives of New York City.

Last night, Jill Zarin, the self-described yenta of the Housewives, hosted a viewing party to watch the reunion episode at a downtown Manhattan bar, the Village Pourhouse. Oh, the irony!

There, perched on couches and leather ottomans, the cast split into mini viewing factions.

“I love you, but move,” hollered the Countess DeLesseps (LuAnn), arm in arm with Ramona, as she waved her hands at stunned onlookers who moved aside to give her a view of the televisions overheard.

Meanwhile, attached-at-the-g-strings couple Simon and Alex sat in stunned silence; no one approached them as they were being ripped apart by the other Housewives onscreen. Bethenny and her boyfriend Jason kept to each other except when she and Jill were compared favorably onscreen to Laverne & Shirley, at which point they attempted a double hand lock and smile for the lone lensmen at the bar.

“I wish the show was longer,” Jill said on her way out, “They got the essence, but I had a lot more to say.”

“We filmed four hours edited down to one,” said Simon, but added he got his point across: “The love that Alex and I have for each other is the most important thing.”

So will the maligned couple sign up for another season?: “Sure," he said. "We’re in discussions.”

After the viewing party, Ramona said that she thought the reunion show “went very well . . . I was a little nervous from the teasers."

The Countess, who is writing a book on etiquette, explained: “We have our bitchy fits on the show, which the girls are much better at than I am. I’m the referee."

Equating herself to an umpire of a tennis match, she said: “They look to me. Countess, how would you call this? In or out.” --Jeffrey Slonim


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