The Real World Turns 20!

The Real World Turns 20!
Art Streiber/MTV

04/17/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Before American Idol, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and So You Think You Can Get a Shot of Love with America's Next Top Celebrity Chef in Rehab, there was the original reality show: MTV's The Real World, which premiered its 20th season Wednesday. This time, seven strangers are picked to live in Hollywood and they all have dreams of making it big in the entertainment industry. --Nicholas White

Meet the cast:

• Greg, 20, goes by "Pretyboy" and won the network's Internet contest to get a spot in the house. He's already upset his roommates and vowed silence to shut off conversations.

• Joey, 24, a gel-haired aspiring actor from Chicago with a rough past and a body building routine (he eats oatmeal, eggs and protein every day)

• Kimberly, 24, a TV reporter hopeful from South Carolina who has starstruck tendencies (two Lindsay Lohan mentions on Wednesday's premiere)

• Dave, 22, from Pennsylvania, hopes to pick up film production or acting, but is unsure of a career path

• Sarah, 20, is the cute girl of the show, an early graduate from Arizona State in broadcast journalism. Even though she has a long-distance boyfriend, she's already flirting with ...

• Will, 23, a ladies' man from Detroit, who hustles his CDs on the street and wants to produce music

• Brianna, 20, from Philadelphia, wants to sing (she was on American Idol season 5!) and has experience as an exotic dancer and an arrest warrant

Tell us: Will you watch Real World XX: Hollywood? Who is likely to cause the most drama?Art Streiber/MTV

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