Kristy Lee Cook’s Secret Engagement

Kristy Lee Cook’s Secret Engagement

04/17/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

She may have been cut from American Idol on Wednesday, but Kristy Lee Cook has something else to look forward to -- her wedding.

The 24-year-old country singer from Selma, Ore., is engaged to Andy Dobner. Her ring, a marquis cut, has "quite a few diamonds on it," the singer told reporters Thursday. "We kind of picked it out together a long time ago just kind of for fun, shopping around for a ring."

Although they haven't set a date yet, Cook said they're thinking of next June. As for her dream wedding, Cook says, "I would love to have Jason Aldean sing at the wedding or I would say Celine Dion." The American Idol judges are also "definitely" invited, but they may want to keep their opinions to themselves.

Says Cook, "I’ve always wanted to sing at my own wedding since I was little."

The couple were set up by a mutual friend while Cook was waiting tables at an Italian restaurant in Grants Pass, Ore.

"He had just been in the woods chopping down Christmas trees," Cook told PEOPLE. "He came down to the restaurant and he was so cute, and he sat down in a booth and when I was walking off all the girls caught him double looking at me hanging out of the booth! And I was like, 'Hey, you know I need a Christmas tree,' and he said, 'Well, I'll take you up and we'll go.' So, I gave him my number and he called me up 20 minutes later while I was at work and said, 'You want to do something tomorrow?'"

Although Dobner proposed while the pair were soaking in a sauna on March 15, Cook told reporters she wanted to keep it on the down low, so she could focus on American Idol. But her beau surprised her with a very public proposal when he popped the question on television on American Idol Extra, airing Thursday. "He reenacted the proposal and actually got down on his knees this time," Cook said. "The first time he didn’t so he owed it to me."

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