Top Model‘s Stacy Ann Predicts a Winner

Top Model‘s Stacy Ann Predicts a Winner
William Hueberger/CW

04/17/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Sweet, bubbly and non-confrontational don't normally make for good reality television, but 23-year-old Stacy Ann had a fairly long run on America's Next Top Model, making it to the halfway mark before getting the boot on last night's episode. She dished to PEOPLE about her roommates' habits, what you didn't get to see on television and her surprising choice for who will win the competition. --Archana Ram

How do you think you performed at the shoot?It was so cold and I'm from Florida! They showed that I was having a really hard time with the weather. It was like 30 degrees. I've never, ever been that cold! My eyes kept tearing, so I was trying to do everything I could to work with my teary eyes. I was very happy that Mr. Jay defended me. And even though it wasn't a single shot, I feel like in the picture of me they chose, I wasn't in the spotlight. I was a little disappointed with my picture, but I knew I tried my hardest considering the circumstances.

Were you surprised by Anya's challenge win?I really thought Whitney was going to win -- if I didn't win! I knew Whitney and I were doing really well at the party. I was surprised Anya won because she has a really different kind of accent and a lot of times don't understand her, so I was surprised they thought she worked the crowd the best.

Was there something that was edited out that you wish was shown?In my last episode, they kept saying I was being fake when selling my dress, but I actually got a lot of great feedback from the crowd and even the designer. And then when Anya won the challenge, the designer told Whitney and I that we did really great and that we could go with her to the shoot and to this really nice hotel. So we were a part of the challenge win. We had a great time at the hotel. We got to eat breakfast in bed and it was like a castle! But they didn't show that. They only showed that we didn't do so well and that we were being fake. But I'm like, That's not true! I don't have a fake personality. I'm very bubbly and happy and energetic, but mistake that for being fake.

What was it like being away from your husband?It was very hard because my husband likes me to be at home all the time. For me to be away from him, I was worried a lot about how he was going to handle it. But he handled it great. He was very supportive. It's great going away knowing your significant other is supporting you. It helped me stay focused in the competition. We talked once a week or maybe even once every two weeks.

Whom did you get along with in the house?Whitney and I were from Florida, so we both had the Southern culture going on. I talked to her a lot. But I got along with everyone. I learned something from all of them. Allison and Dominique exercised a lot. Whitney did a lot of baking. Marvita and Dominique liked to cook a lot. And I don't cook a lot as a wife, so I learned a little of that. The weirdest was how Allison ate A1 sauce and Jell-O all the time. I didn't pick that one up!

What are you up to now?I'm back in school at Nova Southeastern University in Florida finishing my bachelor's in education. Then I plan to go to Japan to teach English and hopefully while I'm there I can do some overseas modeling. My husband is really supportive. He's a singer and he made a song for me called "Top Model" and it's a really motivational song for all models who've ever been rejected. We're going to try to use that to help other girls to be confident even when they go through obstacles.

Who do you think will win?Whitney is probably going to win. Even though she's a plus-size model, she's really, really good at taking pictures and speaking. She's really confident. I think this cycle Tyra might make history by making Whitney the first plus-size model to win. William Hueberger/CW

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