Barry Watson: Ready for His Samantha Who? Threesome

Barry Watson: Ready for His Samantha Who? Threesome

04/07/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Making a relationship work is tough, especially if your girlfriend doesn't remember you. Barry Watson, who plays Todd the ex-boyfriend of lovable amnesiac Samantha (Christina Applegate) on ABC's Samantha Who?, knows this all too well. With the sitcom (finally) returning April 11, the actor talked with PEOPLE about a possible Samantha Who?/Lost crossover, taking part in a primetime threesome and what he did during the writers' strike. –Jonathan Stern

The show left off with Todd dating another girl while living with Samantha. How is this going to play out? It's going to be a big threesome… first time on television. It's going to be amazing. No, Todd has issues with women. He probably wanted to break up with Samantha for two years before he did it. Now he's got another crazy girl. We'll see how long it takes to get rid of her and get some feelings for Sam again.

Kiele Sanchez, who played Nikki Fernandez on Lost, is your new girlfriend. Any clues about the survivors of Oceanic flight 815? I don't think there's going to be anything like that… a Lost/Samanatha Who? crossover would be fun though. The pre-accident Samantha treated guys terribly. Why do you think Todd stuck around? With other characters I've played in the past I've really tried to figure out who this guy is. I don't try to do that with Todd. I just play him like he's completely afraid of women. I came up with that last week. The writers don't want me to play it that way at all laughs.

Do recognize you from your earlier work on 7th Heaven or What About Brian? Lately, I've been recognized more for Sorority Boys than anything else. It's just little dudes who are like, 'Oh man, I saw this movie on Comedy Central. You're so funny with Harlan Williams.' It's become this cult movie eight years after we did it.

Since Christina Applegate practically grew up on a sitcom, does she put the other actors through their paces? Anybody who's playing the lead character on a show really has to set the tone on set. Christina does a great job of that. She's probably one of my favorite to work with. Even days when she's tired and cranky, she still keeps a positive attitude. The other day she just did eight takes, and it was funny every time.

So what did you do during the writers' strike? We finished taping November 5 and November 13 I had another kid. So I was dad for four and half months. When I'm working I leave before they get up for school and come home when they're asleep, so it was good to spend some quality time with the kids. I've actually gotten more rest since I've been back at work. KMazur/WireImage

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