A Tearful Ramiele Malubay Leaves Idol

A Tearful Ramiele Malubay Leaves Idol

04/03/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

It was an all-female bottom three on American Idol Wednesday as Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook joined Ramiele Malubay on stage in the tedious last minutes of an emotional show.

Malubay, in a tearful goodbye, was cut from the competition and looked like she might not be able to perform her swan song, Dolly Parton's "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind." But she took the stage and gave a strong final farewell, touching the hands of fans from the stage while she sang.

Tuesday, after hearing her rehearse, Dolly, this week's mentor to the Idols, said, "The fact that she's little ain't gonna stop her from doing big things."

But Ramiele's performance in front of the judges earned her mixed reviews. Randy Jackson said, "I wasn't jumping up and down but I wasn't mad at you either."

Simon Cowell said, "It was cute, you sang it quite well. But overall, I thought it was forgettable."

Not forgettable: Brooke White standing in the bottom three for the first time. The 24-year-old nanny, who sang "Jolene" Tuesday without any emotion (according to Simon), was overwhelmed on the Idol stage. "I'm emotional for a variety of reasons," she told host Ryan Seacrest while she hugged Ramiele and Kristy Lee. "We throw everything we have into this thing here at American Idol and then you watch that "Idol Gives Back" portion and you think, 'Gosh, that's a whole other meaning of difficult and sad, and then Dolly comes out here and sings her song 'Jesus & Gravity' and it was really amazing."

Brooke was the first of the three to join the others on the safe couch, where David Cook was already resting easy. The singer, who was admitted to the hospital the night before for a "spike" in his high blood pressure told Seacrest earlier in the night, "I'm cool. I'm not going anywhere." And neither was Kristy Lee, whose "Coat of Many Colors" earned her a spot in the top eight.

Tell us: Did America make the right decision? Will you miss Ramiele on American Idol?

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