Miley Talks About Visiting Kentucky for Idol Gives Back

Miley Talks About Visiting Kentucky for Idol Gives Back

04/09/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Miley Cyrus may not watch American Idol (she's too busy!) but she was "so excited" to be on hand to perform a pair of songs Sunday for the Idol Gives Back broadcast, airing Wednesday on FOX.

But that's not all she did. The 15-year-old singer also visited kids in poverty-stricken Clay County, Kentucky, to shoot a short documentary in support of Save The Children.

"My parents are from Kentucky, so I've seen that my whole life, but I never got to go there and actually show the world what's there," Cyrus, seen here on March 1, told reporters. "Some are just like, 'It's America -- that doesn't exist.' But it does exist here. And that's something that gets overlooked."

Although she took time out of her busy schedule to make the trip to rural Kentucky, Cyrus pointed out that you don't have to go too far to make a difference, saying, "There's things you can do right here. If you go to Downtown L.A., you're going to see poverty. So, you don't have to travel all around the world, you can do it in your own town."

On a similar note, Cyrus emphasized that, although giving money is helpful, sometimes donating your time can also make a difference -- especially for children.

"There is so many kids out there I met," she says, "that were just walking around alone. I know they would love to have friends there, and have coming and just bring hope." --Jed DrebenJM/Startraks

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