DWTS: What You Didn’t See

DWTS: What You Didn’t See
Michael Desmond/ABC

04/02/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Naughty or Ice? Despite another round of high marks, Kristi Yamaguchi faced her toughest criticisms from the judges Monday, with Bruno Tonioli asking the figure skater to channel her inner "dirty girl." "I've been thinking about it a lot," she said of the judges remarks. "I think know me as this skater that has this certain image, and I'm at a point on my life where, if want to see a different side of me, I've got to give it to them." That includes hockey-playing husband Bret Hedican, who might be sending the bombastic Bruno a thank you card in the near future. "He thought it was quite fun," Kristi said with a laugh. "He wants to see that 'dirty girl' coming out more, too, I think. He's all for it!"

Mrs. Roboto During a commercial break, with Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman backstage, Carrie Ann Inaba and host Tom Bergeron were merrily chatting away by the judges desk, when suddenly Inaba broke into a dance. But it wasn't the jive or the tango -- more like the robot! To the strains of Earth Wind & Fire's "Shining Star" (the same tune that got Samantha Harris grooving last week), she busted out a few crisp moves with her arms at right angles. When she stopped, Tom did a complex "robot" of his own that bested the beautiful dance judge. As they both laughed, Bruno reappeared and did his own lengthy "robot" dance, which one would argue made him that evening's "Master of the Robot."

'The Gutte' Gets the Boot Steve Guttenberg quickly won friends and admirers among the cast and crew -- unfortunately this show isn't called Being Nice with the Stars. But not even getting cut from the show could diminish the actor's "blessed" and blithe view of the world. "My fate is to be the luckiest guy in the world," Guttenberg said. "It's just a television show ... I've got bigger fish to fry, and higher mountains to climb." Though he will be missed by his fellow cast members, rest assured that the Guttenberg spirit will live on. "I'm going to carry on the Gutte's torch," Marissa Jaret Winokur told PEOPLE. Of course, leave it to cut-up Adam Corolla to see the darker side of Guttenberg's dismissal. "He was the Henry Kissinger of the group," Corolla said of perpetually grinning actor. "He brought everyone to the peace table, and now that he's gone, the claws are coming out.

Latino Lets Loose With another stressful elimination behind him, Cristian de la Fuente let out his more playful side while the contestants chatted with reporters after the show. He interrupted an interview with Shannon Elizabeth and the injured Derek Hough by taking out a Sharpie and writing on the side of Hough's neck brace. When Elizabeth realized that he was writing down his and Cheryl's voting phone number, the actress snatched the marker from his hands and changed it to their own.

Broadway's Back Baby! Everyone was pleased that Marissa Jaret Winokur and partner Tony Dovolani survived the low scores and tongue lashings to dance another day. The entire cast spent a commercial break lining up for what may have been the longest group hug session in DWTS history (that's a lot of hugging). Even the band got into it. As Marissa rushed up the stage steps and jumped with glee in front of them, the drummer started playing a snappy beat that had the Broadway star snapping her hips with joy as she sashayed offstage. "I'm so flipping happy that liked us, and voted for us, even though Carrie Ann said that we were boring," she gushed. "My response is going to be the paso doble next week! We are going to bring the paso doble!" Of course, "I have no idea what it is ... I just love saying 'paso doble'!" --Reagan Alexander

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