Top Model‘s Aimee: I’m Rooting for Anya and Katarzyna

Top Model‘s Aimee: I’m Rooting for Anya and Katarzyna

03/27/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

When 18-year-old Aimee didn't hit the right note at a music-themed photo shoot and was eliminated on Wednesday's Top Model, she may have been down, but she's definitely not out. Aimee talked to PEOPLE about relations in the house, what's it's like to get pointers from Tyra Banks and who she's rooting for to take home the big prize. --Archana Ram

Did you watch the show?Yeah. It was definitely upsetting, really emotional. All together, though, it's been really good watching it. But it's been embarrassing too just because I see some of the stuff I wore and I'm kind of smacking myself on the head for it now. Last week, I wore a turtleneck sweater dress and that was a big mistake. But I don't dress as young as I used to before the show.

Who were you closest to in the house?I was living with my parents and going into that was really weird, having a bunch of roommates and a bunch of different personalities. I had never lived on my own before. It was definitely different. I really got along with Whitney and Anya. But Amiss' personality was really funny and I wish they would've shown more of her. She had no filter whatsoever. She said the funniest things. A lot of the energy went down after her and Marvita were eliminated. There was a little more tension in the house after that because they were the comic relief in the house.

What is it like to have Tyra Banks teaching you about modeling?It's totally awesome because you're learning from one of the best. The fact that she puts herself out there and is totally goofy to help us learn is awesome. She told me to stop holding myself back and I think that's something I have to learn not to do in my entire life, not just modeling because I tend to hold myself back. I'm afraid of what other are going to think.

How do you think you did at the photo shoot as R&B?I thought I was doing really well in the beginning but as it went on, of course, he was putting me in different situations and it just wasn't working well. What I've learned is with some photographers, you'll have really good chemistry and with others, things don't go well at all. That was one of those situations. And I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. I didn't go for it. I was being too afraid. But I feel like with emo or punk or rock, there's a particular personality or emotion that goes along with that -- being rebellious or crazy. But I feel with R&B it was a little harder because there wasn't really an emotion to portray, so I think that was the challenge.

What are you up to now?The whole show has only made my passion for modeling stronger and increased my drive to really go do this. I really want to see where it takes me. I've also applied to colleges and I'm waiting to hear back. I'm looking into psychology, literature and biology right now.

Who do you think will win this cycle of Top Model?I'm really rooting for Anya and Katarzyna right now. They have the look and what it takes to win. cw

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