Biggest Loser‘s Dan Talks About Losing More Than 100 Lbs.

Biggest Loser‘s Dan Talks About Losing More Than 100 Lbs.
Dave Bjerke/NBC

03/27/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Illinois camp counselor Dan Evans, 21, became the fifteenth contestant cut from The Biggest Loser: Couples when it was revealed on Tuesday's episode that he shed only a single pound since his last weigh in. Stunned, Evans said, "I was waiting for a real number to pop up, but it didn't. Just one (pound)." Evans, who recently relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, might point to the Reward Challenge as his downfall. He and his all-male team gathered in a sports arena to grab hot dogs, pizza and ice cream and then pile the goodies onto a table of other players. But the guys seemed to nibble on the junk food while they delivered it to Kelly and Ali's tables. Eliminated, Evans took his ouster like the grownup he had become on the ranch where his weight plunged from 310 pounds to 198. "I proved there is nothing I can't do," he said.

PEOPLE caught up with Evans in L.A. to check in on how his life has changed since being on the show. --Frank Swertlow

How are you holding up off the ranch?Fantastic. I had gone through a long journey to get where I am. I was a 21-year-old boy who was 310-pounds and uncomfortable in his own skin and his image to a 21-year-old man and who transformed his life and health. I really grabbed the bull by the horns.

You lost an additional 13 pounds since leaving the ranch, what is your diet like in Los Angeles?I have moved out to L.A. to pursue my music career and I pretty much eat the same kinds of foods we ate on the ranch. I shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I use organic milk, chicken and eggs, and I eat whole grain bread and lots of salads. I'll cook fish on the grill and I really like cooking. You can control what you eat. I will eat between 1,400 and 1,500 calories a day and stretch it over five to six meals, but in small portions. My body needs more fuel for the fire. Snacks are part of this. I may have a protein shake or eat a piece of fruit and almonds. At mid-morning, I might cook an egg over easy. I like whole grain tortillas with humus.

What about exercise?I spend four hours a day in the gym and now that I am living in Los Angeles, I have a bike and I ride it. I do a morning boot camp and ride to class and I ride home. I do a spin class at another gym and then I go hiking and bike back. Riding my bike burns a lot of calories. At the boot camp, I do a lot of cardio and weight training. I want to win the biggest loser event at home.

What were the dreams you could not achieve because of your weight?My music. I had dreams of performing but when I was overweight, I found that difficult to do and I didn't want to be that person would say was that overweight guy who sings. I wanted to respect my music. I never wanted to go on stage an perform because of my weight, but now I work out all day and work on my music and I have a song, Back to You, on my website,, and it is doing well. It is about a girl that got away and came back and it is also about my journey and how I let myself go to 310 pounds and how I got back.

What couldn't you do before your weight loss?All kinds of exercise were out of the question. My mom and I hired a trainer, and I gained weight. Flying was very difficult. The seatbelt barely got around me and I would have to sit with my hands folded over my chest otherwise I would have to put both arms on both rests like I was hogging the seat. I used to think airlines made the planes too small, but now I realize it was me.

What can you do now that you could not do before the ranch?Hiking. I can run the entire Runyon Canyon Park. It's like running up the face of a small mountain. I can run miles on end now. Shopping. I always loved shopping but as I gained weight, I liked it less and less. I couldn't find anything that fit. Now I can wear jeans with a 33 waist, before it was a 42 or a 44 waist. I used to have to wear shirts XXL and now I can wear a medium. Shopping has become fun.

You are single, what is it like now on the LA dating scene?After losing more than 100 pounds, I am getting a little more attention. The ladies are noticing me and I can get use to it. My mother has some worries about that. Dave Bjerke/NBC

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