Monday Night’s Show: What You Didn’t See

Monday Night’s Show: What You Didn’t See
Photos: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage, Michael Desmond/ABC

03/25/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Is That My Husband?After Jason Taylor shook it all for the Mambo (and scored a 27 out of 30!), wife Katina (left) couldn't believe her eyes. "I have never seen my husband dance," she tells PEOPLE. "At our wedding we did the 'put your arms behind my neck eighth grade sway back and forth dance,' and since then all I've ever seen him do is bob his head and watch me dance. He never dances!" Taylor may have made the dance look easy, but he later confessed how practice really went: "Why torture me?!" As to what's more difficult, a grueling NFL training camp, or learning the Mambo, Taylor didn't have to think twice. "Learning the Mambo," he said with a grin. "I know what I'm doing in football … This is a challenge every day."

No Doubt About It: Kristi's Got It!The normally reserved Kristi Yamaguchi admitted to being embarrassed by the "shaking and baking" that the Mambo required. So the Olympic gold medalist channeled another performer, sporting some heavy make-up, high hair and dancing to No Doubt's "Hey Baby." "It's a little 'Gwen' action," she said, referencing singer Stefani. "She's my inspiration."

What a Feeling!Jennifer Beals came out to support her L Word costar Marlee Matlin on Monday night as did Henry Winkler and Camryn Manheim. All were impressed with Matlin's quickstep, especially Beals. "Jennifer was crying," Matlin told PEOPLE after the show. "I got that girl to cry!"

Mario & Karina: It's a Flirt-Off!As good as pro Karina Smirnoff is on the dance floor, her moves on the hardwood can't hold a candle to the way she dances around difficult questions. When partners Mario and Karina were asked about doing a "Tonsil-Tango" at an Oscar party last month, Smirnoff leapt in and joked to her new Mario, "I told you to keep it on the 'DL'. Dude! … By the end of the show, I will be pregnant with Mario's baby!" Despite their denials, Mario can't seem to help but flirt. "I love this woman! I love her personality! I've grown to love the person that she is, and you should feel that way about your partner!" he said. Smirnoff -- who's been dating former partner Mario Lopez --pushed the R&B star back with a playful shove, saying, "Is that all it is?"

Monica Gets Glitter HappyIf last week was like the prom for Monica Seles, then this week must have been like going to college. "I had fun tonight. I got my first spray tan, body glitter," Seles says of her 15-point Mambo performance. And the dress? "It's so different for me. I loved it. When I was home watching the show last year this is what I loved about it, and now I get to experience it. So anybody who is watching at home? Go for it! Life is short."

Cristian: I Don't Get the JudgesCristian de la Fuente is having trouble understanding the judges -- and not because of a language barrier. The Chilean soap star says it's that they don't put their scores where their mouths are. "Last week we got a higher score, but they killed us with their judgment. Everything they said was bad," he says. "Tonight, everything they said was good, and they gave us a lower score 21 out of 30. I can't figure it out. I learned mathematics in a different way."

After-Hours with the MatlinsPro Fabian Sanchez is fitting in just fine with the Matlin clan. Partner Marlee Matlin says that last week "we all went out to eat at Maggiano's and then last night we all spent Easter together in San Diego. That's where my husband's family is. We had 35 kids hunting for eggs," including Fabian's son! For the record, no chocolate bunnies were harmed during the family bonding. "Not even a marshmallow Peep," Matlin says.

Helio, Start Your Engine!Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli taped a good luck message to season-five winner Helio Castroneves, who resumes his day job March 29 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The judges held up their paddles and said in unison, "Good luck with the 2008 season." It took a few takes as Inaba initially shouted out the score on her paddle. -- Monica Rizzo and Reagan Alexander

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