America’s Next Top Model: The Girls Strike a Pose

America’s Next Top Model: The Girls Strike a Pose

03/20/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Considering the contestants' giddy excitement at the sight of Ms. Jay, Tyra Banks or the uber-annoying new electronic Tyra Mail, you'd think everyone was head-over-heels in love with the chance to be America's ... Next ... Top ... Model. Well, maybe Kim choosing to leave ANTM in the first episode has made Tyra and company a little paranoid because the question of whether the girls really want to be there is becoming a theme.

First, Amis was given the boot for seeming apathetic about the competition, and in this week's installment of Top Model, both Marvita and Whitney found themselves in the bottom two for their lack of enthusiasm. Alas, guest judge and international supermodel Vendela saw something special in Whitney and saved her from elimination, but Marvita, who insisted -- rather half-heartedly -- that she did want to be there, wasn't as lucky and was sent home.

Earlier in the day, the girls met with posing expert Benny Ninja and trained in the "three C's" of posing (commercial, catalog, and couture) for the challenge -- to battle each other in a pose-off. Claire took home the prize (a visit to a swag suite and trip to Bora Bora), but Marvita was the funniest to watch, even prompting Benny to ask: "What are you selling? Stomach cramps?"

At the photo shoot, the girls posed for portrait shots with paint dribbled on their faces. Stacy-Ann, Dominique and panel-favorite Aimee (pictured) got gold stars for their supermodel-worthy shots, but Marvita seemed uncomfortable and scared in her picture with a barely-there presence at panel. Fatima (who was reprimanded for not shaving her pits and then posing in the photo with one of them showing) seemed to agree with the judges' decision: "Marvita doesn't know how to look pretty." Because hairy pits are pretty. --Archana Ram

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