Tuesday’s Idol: What You Didn’t See

Tuesday’s Idol: What You Didn’t See

03/19/2008 AT 12:00 AM EDT

Star Night, Star BrightThe stars were out for American Idol Tuesday. Sex and the City's Willie Garson, Joely Fisher (and her daughter) and Ricki Lake all watched the show in their own section of the Idol stage area. Rumer Willis and her actor friend Ashton Holmes watched from a couple different seats -- the pair got up and moved during just about every break. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag also filled the audience, but the Hills couple seemed a bit new to the Idol scene -- they rarely danced or clapped with the rest of the crowd.

British InvasionAfter the judges and host made their way over to their respective spots, the audience was silenced when none other than Victoria Beckham (looking posh, of course) and her three boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz entered, flanked by two secret service-looking bodyguards. Cruz, wearing a Buzz Lightyear costume, spent most of the time on mom's lap as he danced and clapped along and thanked his mummy for the good time with hugs and kisses during the show. Daddy David couldn't make it, but the bodyguards seemed to do their part in taking care of the boys, holding their hands as they took them to bathroom breaks, or letting them stand on their laps so they could see over the crowd. Posh and her family stole the spotlight, as some fans spent so much time turning around to get a glimpse of the fashion icon that they forgot to watch the show.

Starstruck RyanWas Ryan Seacrest on his best behavior because of all the famous in the crowd? Not since the show started has Ryan been so together, and not regularly annoying Simon, cracking awkward jokes, messing with the stage manager, wildly dancing, singing or wiping sweat from an Idol's face. Tuesday, the host was calm, collected and in control. He even agreed with Simon's judgment on David Cook, saying, "Simon gave you good advice." What?! Where is Ryan? And who is this imposter standing in his place?

Simon and Paula Back At ItThere's something in the air again at American Idol, and it's really hard not to notice, as Simon Cowell continuously played with Paula Abdul through most of the show. Like a schoolboy vying for his crush's attention, he would constantly lean on her chair, whisper into her ear, and do just about anything to get her attention. At one point -- probably because it went on so long -- Ryan had to ask what exactly was so important that Simon was saying to Paula during Carly Smithson's performance of "Blackbird." Well, the origin of the song, of course -- it used to be called "Sparrow." Huh? When Simon heard Paula tell the story in her own British accent, the judge was caught so off-guard that he spit up whatever it is he was sipping from that hard-to-miss Coca-Cola cup.

Go Corey -- but Careful Debbie!Corey the warm-up guy, looking quite fit these days, brought back his signature show-opener: "Ah Yeah! Hollywood, make some noise!" sending the already crazy crowd into complete hysterics. Like a conductor overseeing a sea of Idol energy, Corey kept spirits up with his charged vocal styling (even Posh and the kids seemed to get a kick out of him). Debbie the stage manager rarely misses a step. But Tuesday night one wrong step almost got her a conk on the head. Moments before Debbie realized Ryan Seacrest was in the wrong spot and ran the host down the bleacher steps to where he needed to be (within seconds), she moved into the path of one of the very large and heavy camera polls -- fortunately for her, the operator caught it and whizzed within inches of the back of her head.

It's Working!The big neon sign hovering above the new stage hadn't been spinning like its sister sign across the way for the past two shows -- but it is now. They fixed it! And that wasn't the only sign that was working. The "Simon Is Sexy" banner that one fan was holding may have gotten the judge's blood pumping, which might explain his constant flirting with Paula (her restaurateur beau J.T. Torregiani was in the audience tonight too -- be careful, Simon). There was also a plethora of David Archuleta and Jason Castro "We Love You" signs scattered about the audience, often accompanied by screaming female fans. But "Chicago Loves Kristy," "We Love Syesha" and "We Love You David Cook" also were out there (among others). All in all, there was a lot of love in the audience that could be seen and definitely heard with the unbelievable amount of glass-shattering screams, making what one might appropriately refer to on yet another Beatles' night as a Wall of Sound. --Jed DrebenFame

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