Jenna Fischer Jokes: ‘Call Me an Emmy-Losing Actress’

Jenna Fischer Jokes: ‘Call Me an Emmy-Losing Actress’
Chris Polk/WireImage

03/07/2008 AT 12:00 AM EST

Jenna Fischer is not shy about calling attention to her accomplishments -- no matter how dubious.

On the set of her hit show, The Office, Fischer throws around her accolades to get respect, she tells Playboy magazine in their April issue. "Rainn Wilson and I refer to ourselves as Emmy-losing actors. We'll be on set in a scene, and I'll be like, 'Seriously everyone, be quiet -- Emmy-losing actor about to work.'"

And she encourages others to follow suit: "Maybe everyone should have something like that. Did you win the fifth-grade spelling bee? You can go with whatever your highest achievement is. That should precede your name at all times,'" she tells the magazine, which hits newsstands March 7.

The other honor she's proud to add to her resume -- and jokingly brag about -- is being included in PEOPLE's 2006 Most Beautiful issue. "I was so tickled by that because I loved the Most Beautiful issue when I was a little girl. I got it every year. I still have one with Julia Roberts on the cover, because I was just oh so excited. Now I think I'm going to put it in my movie contract that they have to call me '37th Most Beautiful Person 2006, Emmy-losing actress Jenna Fischer. '"

As much as she enjoys being beautiful, she just can't be too beautiful. Fischer says she sacrifices some Hollywood luxuries to stay true to her Office character, Pam. "I've held back from doing some things. I haven't had my teeth whitened. I haven't gotten porcelain veneers," she says. "And you'll notice other things if you look carefully. I don't get Mystic Tan treatments, for example, or any of that stuff. I need to keep it real so Pam can always look like a believable girl, not suddenly all plastic-y like a movie star." Chris Polk/WireImage

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