Ryan Reynolds: Babies with Scarlett Johansson Can Wait

Ryan Reynolds: Babies with Scarlett Johansson Can Wait

09/14/2010 AT 03:40 PM EDT

Marriage is treating Ryan Reynolds just fine. But fatherhood? Not so fast.

Asked about his plans for having childen with his wife of two years, Scarlett Johansson, the Green Lantern star tells GQ that's it's "a few years down the road, having a family. That's years away at this point."

For now, he's just enjoying being married – a part of his life he confirms is pretty special. "It is. Yeah. It's the best part," he says.

Since their 2008 nuptials, Reynolds, 33, says he's naturally become more protective of the relationship, but denies being obsessed with privacy.

"I think it's embellished upon," he says. "It hasn't been some covert operation. I mean, certainly the wedding was, but I believe anyone should have the right to have a private wedding ceremony. I think if anything's sacred it should be that."

He adds: "For the most part – I can only speak for me, as one-half of that relationship – I choose to remain as private as possible without being secretive."

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