Big Brother: The Brigade Battles it Out for the Final HOH

Big Brother: The Brigade Battles it Out for the Final HOH
Cliff Lipson/CBS

09/10/2010 AT 06:00 AM EDT

The Beast, The Animal, and The Meow-Meow . . . It sounds like a children's book gone horribly awry, but this is your Big Brother final three.

With Britney being shown the door, a trio of Brigade members were left within sniffing distance of the cash prize, but there can only be one.

Enzo, Lane and Hayden quickly turned on each other now that the $500,000 prize was more of a reality and less of a dream they had two months ago, and Hayden looked to draw first blood in the three-part competition for the final HOH.

"I love Enzo, I love Lane, but now the Brigade is dead," he said before outlining his latest strategy. "It's every man for himself! I'm going to slit their throats, stab them in the back, do whatever I have to do to take it down."

Neither Enzo nor Lane were willing to engage in such criminal use of sociopathic cliches, but both adopted the "every man for himself" mantra. "The only person that I trust is myself," Lane said. "I'm not interested in making any deals – no negotiating, no talking strategy."

The first round was an endurance competition that looked like a sadistic carnival ride. Hayden continued his streak and hung on long enough to take round one, which left Lane and Enzo facing off in round two. "I don't think Hayden or Lane are going to take me to the final two," Enzo said. "In their minds I'm very popular in the Jury House right now." Unfortunately for the New Jersey native, Lane barely beat out Enzo, which leaves the final HOH up to a competition between the Beast and the Animal, with the Meow-Meow sitting on the sidelines.

But let's get back to the Jury House … Ragan rolled in looking to rekindle his bromance with Matt, but the honeymoon was short-lived. Matt had to come clean about lying about his wife's health and Ragan took it hard.

"I feel numb, I feel like I've been kicked in the gut," he said. "I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy would pull the football away." To add insult to injury, Rachel screamed to Ragan, "Grab your tiara and go be a f–– queen! I'm over you!"

Just wait until Rachel sees who is walking through the door next. We're sure she and Britney have a ton of catching up – or cat-fighting – to do.

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