Big Brother: The Brigade Takes a Look Back

Big Brother: The Brigade Takes a Look Back
Cliff Lipson/CBS

09/12/2010 AT 10:00 AM EDT

After weeks of backstabbing, cat-fighting and conniving . . . slop, sweat and tears . . . CBS aired a clip show Sunday ahead of Wednesday's Big Brother finale.

The never-before-seen-footage can be summed up by saying that Kristen will eat dead arachnids unprovoked, Kathy was more inept than we thought, and that the Zing-Bot was far more annoying than they initially showed (except, of course, when it called Matt a "hobbit").

In a season that gave us the Brigade on day two, "Brenchel" on day three, and two Saboteurs, it seemed only fair to hand out a few of our own awards.

Most Pointless Twist: The Saboteur announced that two of the house guests not only knew each other, but were, in fact, life-long friends. Tensions rose for about a day, and then the attempt at a sub-plot fell by the wayside.

Most Quotable: No one could match Britney‘s cattiness (she was like a mean sorority sister with her own cable access show in the Diary Room) and Enzo proved to be a walking sound bite, but both seemed almost too polished. Then there was Lane. He equated seeing Britney upset to having one of his "best dogs" die and confused himself when he tried to talk in the third person.

Most Emotional: Ragan and Rachel were destined to butt heads in any confined space. But he wept a lot more and gained an advantage when he said to Rachel, "Everything about you is a lie. Your boobs are a lie, your face is a lie, the only thing honest about you are the pimples on your chin."

Most Annoying: You'd think it would be Rachel (It's hard to bet against a pony that could neither win, nor lose gracefully and loved saying, "Ain't no one getting between me and my man"), but Matt takes this one, not only for lying about his wife being gravely ill, but for wearing onesies and anointing himself a "diabolical super genius."

Memories aside, come Wednesday one of the three remaining Brigade members is walking away with $500,000. The super alliance that formed on day two, that has had a hand in evicting ten other house guests, is no more.

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