Bachelor Pad: Who's Still Dating and Who Called It Quits

Bachelor Pad: Who's Still Dating and Who Called It Quits
Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke

09/13/2010 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The outsiders warned that couples would be king in the game of Bachelor Pad – and it turned out they were right. When the final six were reunited with the 13 contenders they'd sent home at a recent taping of the finale in Burbank, Calif., PEOPLE got the scoop on who is still together, who called it quits and who is just getting started.

Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn
Although Molzahn admits to having "a major crush" all along, they weren't a couple when the show started and sparks only flew when they went on a solo date to Catalina. "He was hesitant to start something in the house," says Molzahn, 26. Locke, 32, adds, "I wasn't interested in something created [on a show] or phony. We talked about pursuing it after. But when you get in a situation like Catalina and everything is perfect and romantic, you just go for it." Though they're wary dating in the spotlight, they're interested in pursuing a relationship "at a natural speed," he says, "not Bachelor speed." Luckily, they live in neighboring Southern California counties. "There's so much more to get to know about one another," she says. "So we're going to date for awhile. Exclusively."

Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden
The N.Y.C.-based model, 26, and her modern-day Shakespeare both had their eyes on the prize money, but became fast friends. "I had a one-track mind until I met this beautiful soul," Hayden, 33, says. Unfortunately, that soul had a boyfriend back home. "You can't help when you feel something for somebody, but I'm not trying to break up couples," he says. "I was a complete gentleman." They went their separate ways after the show, but Allemand eventually ended her relationship with hockey player Chris Campoli and reunited with Hayden at the finale. "I was so relieved to get here and find out he was single," she says. "Could you imagine if I had come here to make a move and he was in a relationship? I would have been devastated." With the audience egging them on, the pair shared their first kiss at the taping. "My hands were shaking," she says. "He has a way of calming me and the kiss was amazing." Both are now willing to try a long-distance relationship. "It's going to be complicated," Hayden says, "but maybe this was the way it was meant to play out all along. I waited and it paid off."

Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt
The mansion's most unstable match, who had been dating prior to the show, ended things for good within a few days of wrapping production. "I saw some signs pretty early on that this wouldn't work out but I gave it a shot," says Kovas, 28. "We spent a lot of time together and realized we were on completely different pages." Meanwhile, Kitt, 30, has called him a player and a liar. "I feel stupid and embarrassed after seeing things he said about me," she says of watching the show. "He gave me so many reasons behind the scenes to believe that he was falling." Kovacs contends he never lied or led her on and calls their split unfortunate. "I wanted to be civil," he says, "and it turned childish."

Natalie Getz and David Good
The pair were introduced more than a year ago, but only pursued friendship despite a mutual attraction. "We have great chemistry," says Getz, 28, "but we never let our guard down long enough to cross that line." Good, also 28, adds, "I don't just jump or rush into relationships. That's not my style." Everything changed during a trip to Vegas where they became "more than friends," according to Good. Although there are no wedding plans, "there's potential that it will develop into something more now that the show is over," Good says. But the biggest obstacle will be the long distance – he's in Ohio and she's in LA – between them. "If we lived in the same city . . . He probably would have asked me to marry him by now," Getz joked. "He's borderline obsessed."

Tune in Monday (8 p.m. ET) to get more details about what went on inside the mansion and see who is crowned the winner of Bachelor Pad.

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