Move Over, Gosselins – There Are New Sextuplets in Town

09/14/2010 AT 11:50 AM EDT

Jon and Kate, meet Victor and Digna.

Having built a small empire around the Gosselins and their brood, TLC introduces another family with sextuplets – the Carpios – in a new series, Sextuplets Take New York, which airs Tuesdays (10 p.m. ET).

The Carpio sextuplets – four boys and two girls – are America's first Latino sextuplets, according to the network. As the series begins, they are 22 months old, and becoming quite a handful for their parents, who also have a 9-year-old son. They've just mastered the art of walking and will soon be talking – in two languages. In a promo for the show, the family, who live in Queens, head to Flushing Meadow Park for their first family picnic – an outing that will be deemed a success if all of the toddlers are present and accounted for at the end.

"We don't know how we do it," Victor says. "Sometimes the babies are out of control." Adds Digna: "Our life is loco. Crazy."

Unlike the Gosselins, whose frequent fighting provided plenty of drama on their show, the Carpios seem to be focused solely on raising their kids, without all the drama, according to early reviews. The program is about mealtimes and playtimes, and the immigrant couple's efforts to provide for seven children on a single Parks Department income.

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