Picks and Pans Review: Tom Gliatto's Fall TV Scorecard 2010

updated 09/27/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT

originally published 09/27/2010 AT 01:00 AM EDT



An American novelties company relocates its phone-sales office to India, where the baffled employees, speaking in accented English, try to sell fake vomit and cheesehead hats. Outsourced really needs to move beyond this sort of broad stupidity because its cast, notably Sacha Dhawan, is actually quite good. Maybe they can be outsourced to a better comedy.



The concept: A fall-from-innocence drama shot like a documentary. The result: A feeling of regeneration once the hour ends and you wake up. Contrasting the then-and-now lives of a group of high school students, class of 2000, the show is drearily familiar. I like Jaime King as the beauty queen who winds up a dead-eyed trophy wife. That's about it.



JoAnna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan are sisters, each in a relationship, each unsure how to handle their wisecracking parents. This sitcom can't be dinged for its acting, which is smooth across the board, but it feels inorganic, like something cloned from the lab that houses the sitcom genome. It's a temperature-controlled How I Met Your Mother.

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