Bristol Palin Comforted by Mom's Presence in the DWTS Ballroom

09/28/2010 AT 02:15 PM EDT

When Bristol Palin stepped out on the parquet floor for week two of competition on Dancing with the Stars, she was nervous to perform a quickstep with partner Mark Ballas.

"I was stressed out about a few particular points in the dance, where I was second guessing myself," she told PEOPLE after Monday night's show. "We only went through it clean a few times."

But having her mom, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, in the audience helped calm her nerves.

"I looked over and saw both our moms sitting together," Bristol says. "It was comforting."

And the pair pulled off a solid routine, earning 22 points from the judges.

"I was super glad that we got this dance out of the way and that we did well," says Bristol, who adds that having her mom in the ballroom was like having "my security blanket."

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