Florence Henderson: Life (and Sex) Don't Stop at 70

10/12/2010 AT 11:00 AM EDT

She may be America's mom, and a septuagenarian to boot. But as she showed with her sexy rumba on Monday's Dancing With the Stars, Florence Henderson is still a hot little number at 76.

"I want people to know that being in your 70s, you don't stop having sex. You don't stop enjoying a partner. You don't stop enjoying life!" Henderson told PEOPLE after the performance.

The judges, by and large, enjoyed Henderson and Corky Ballas's gyrating performance. "Isn't that amazing for the oldest couple ever to do the rumba, and we were the sexiest?" Henderson said. "I love that!"

Best of all, it wasn't an act. "I'm full of joy and spirit," she said, "and I just love that we were able to convey that through our dance tonight."

Meanwhile, Derek Hough and Jennifer Grey weren't feel sexy so much as spent after their Argentine tango. "This was a tough week. This is a tough dance," Hough said. "Physically, we were exhausted this week trying to get through this routine."

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