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You Had Me at Woof

by Julie Klam |

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Books on happiness can make you feel grouchy. You can be a better you! I hold the secret! Blah blah blah. This is not that book. This book is about a slightly wacky person who, instead of looking inward for answers, decided to help others-specifically, Boston terriers. She began, in her single life, with a bulgy-eyed fellow named Otto and became immersed, as a married mom, in a Boston-terrier rescue organization. Klam is a terrible dog trainer and a wonderful soul. Without being preachy, each chapter is a lesson in what dogs teach us-about ourselves, but also about community, patience, friendship and, yes, love. Klam explains, endearingly, that even when we have the guy and the kids, canine companionship offers something unique: "Sometimes you just need to hug and kiss a member of the dog species. Even when humans are available."

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